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How to report an admin or a player
When an admin or a player does not comply with the rules (established here: and you wish to report them, to make this as easy as I can for you and for us when reviewing the case, I will put up a little list of things we need.

If you were banned by an admin and you think that the ban was unfair, please follow it up at the bans appeals forum instead:

First, you would need to open a new thread and in it, fill in this little list with the necessary details:

1. Player nickname: 
2. Their SteamID: (you can get a player's steamID by typing "status" in console while you are in the server and getting it from there) 
3. Link to player in stats page: (when you have copied the steamID of the player, you can search for them in the stats page and verify if this is their stats profile; stats page:
4. What did they do: 
5. When did it happen? (for example, 2 hours before writing this post - idea is that if necessary we can also check server logs when knowing the time) 
6. Demo: (Demo - the most commonly used method, hl2go have an automatic demo recorder, thus, you can easily find the demo in your cstrike folder, more info on that below, afterwards you upload it to a file-sharing website so we can download it and watch it) 
7. Server it happened in: 

Demo finding instructions: 
I. Steam CS
1. Open Steam
2. Click on Library (Image 1)
3. Then, click on Games (Image 1)
4. Then, select Counter-Strike from the list of games you own (Image 1)
5. Right-click on Counter-Strike (Image 2)
6. Select "Properties" (Image 2)
7. You will get a new window open up, click on "Local Files" (Image 3)
8. Then, select "Browse Local Files" (Image 3)
9. Your CS installation folder will come up on screen (Image 4)
10. Open folder "cstrike" (Image 4)
11. Now, you are looking for the demo, in our case, demo name begins with "hl2go", thus you would need to find files whose name starts with that and followed by the name of the server (Image 5)

II. Non-Steam CS
1. Right-click Counter-Strike shortcut on desktop (Image 6) /Windows 7/
2. Select "Open File Location" (Image 6) /Windows 7/
2.1. If you have a different version of windows, simply go to where you installed CS in the first place if the 2 steps above don't work for you.
3. Open folder "cstrike" (Image 7)
4. Now, you are looking for the demo, in our case, demo name begins with "hl2go", thus you would need to find files whose name starts with that and followed by the name of the server (Image 5)

Demo uploading instructions: 
1. Once you have found the demo (steps above), you need to upload it, the website for the most part doesn't matter, but here are a few examples of file sharing websites (in no particular order): 
1.1. For most countries:
1.2. For bulgarian users:
1.3. A rather popular one:
1.4. Or Uncle Google's Drive:
1.5. And another one:
1.6. Or... any other file-sharing website, as long as the download speed the website provides is not slow or behind a pay wall.
2. I will use zippyshare to show how to upload, other websites are very similar to that.
2.1.1. Click on "Browse" (Image 8)
2.1.2. Find the demo and then select it, depending on which server it happened in, using zombiemega as example here (Image 9)
2.1.3. Click on "Start Upload" (Image 10)
2.1.4. Copy the link provided, this link is the download link we need so we can download and watch the demo (Image 11)
2.1.5. Paste the link in your report thread

Image 1: 
Image 2: 
Image 3: 
Image 4: 
Image 5: 
Image 6: 
Image 7: 
Image 8: 
Image 9: 
Image 10: 
Image 11: 
Thanks given by: Admin , JACK_HAMMER , FakeLucky

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