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Ammo Pack Limit

Put limit to ammo packs so people can't spam their infection bombs in zombie mod and their plasma guns, guy is running around with 200k ammo packs killing whole server with bombs without even thinking. Oh one person is hiding there? No problem throw a bomb, oh another one there throw a bomb. It's kinda annoying to play against and ruins fun also.
Thanks given by: Itx'player
I give you some opportunity to choise :

You can buy ammo to 5 bills and you have 10k and do whatever you want.
You can buy Admin or VIP to get more and faster ammo farming Smile
There are limits of grenade infection, and always you can do also same thing what ever do that players.
Go to discord and you can get more chance to win admin vip or ammos.

My decision is not do what you want like make ammo pack limit.
Thanks given by:
I believe in competitive play.
This ZP mod is not built for competitive play, it is made for people that have too much free time so they grind and/or buy ammo packs + vip/admin.

As much as I agree that the mod is heavily unbalanced, which in itself is an understatement, reducing the ammo pack limit will have the same players doing the same things again, it wont change anything.

The problems lie within the core of the mod and the way it was designed. It would take drastic changes - a lot of them - to make the mod balanced, which will put off the majority of the current players (who have a terrible skill level and a skill-based and balanced mod wouldn't suit them at all as they would get utterly destroyed).
And, as you've noticed, it is not my call to make on how things go in the ZP.
Thanks given by: P.Mayo

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