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server abuse
Hello friends and counter strike family,

with a heavy heart, I write this as I worry about our server, recently I have noticed some people seem to be abusing others constantly, i noticed again tonight notorious ban a few abusers, one who is rather racist with a nasty tone. it also seems that certain admins are abusing the powers they have received.

i don't want to mention any names as you already know who has been banned and unbanned(again I might add) tonight for abusing the rest of us!

I just hope changes can be make as the server is losing its way!

Thanks, your loving bodybuilder yeah buddy

as i join the server it seems there is another argument going on Sad

server is full of trolls nowadays.  sad times
Thanks given by: .[mousegaming] Sikh FloDe
That's so cute, you are playing with my nick and abusing players then blaming it on me. Adorable.

I'm currently playing L4D2 with the other "abuser" Sikh.

Keep up the delusions. Entertaining.
Thanks given by:
(2019-10-08, 00:39)Leftover Meatloaf Wrote: That's so cute, you are playing with my nick and abusing players then blaming it on me. Adorable.

I'm currently playing L4D2 with the other "abuser" Sikh.

Keep up the delusions. Entertaining.
I offer my apology if that isn't you. I was using it as an example..there seems to be a lot of people on the server lately that abuse. not just 1 or 2.

enjoy the rest of your evening on other games. no offence intended by side.
Thanks given by:
Chris, it's clear as a day that you are the one doing this. You are extremely toxic person who has been nothing but obnoxious. You and your friend Rob.

For crying out loud, stop sending me friend requests on steam and what can I say about comments, I've seen more creative ones, let alone you and Rob wrote almost similar ones and you later deleted it.

I've never in my life used the word "arse" and since you are claiming you are british, welp..
Thanks given by:
This here is red's stats page: [/url][url=]

This here is ChrisM:
Last use of "red" by ChrisM is on the 5th of October, not today.

This here is rob:
Last use of "red" by rob is on the 8th of October (for me), point being that it's more likely it was him.

Bans are placed on SteamID, I don't see you listing the SteamID of this "red" player to establish a match and determine who it was.
I don't see why both sides are acting like children.
You are all Steam users, you've got plenty of options.
Hit Esc when in-game, click on Player List, select name of the player, Mute.
Or "hud_saytext 0" in console when you've got a short fuse. You aren't going to rage on someone for something they've said when you can't see what they've said.
Thanks given by:
let's hope the hatchet is buried now, I've apologised, she's a nice kid she messaged me on steam, no more childish behavior ruining a top server
Thanks given by:
Looks like the hatchet is far from buried Big Ron as Leftover Meatloaf has been busy finding my profile on Steam and commenting on my page, clearly doesn't have a job and earn her keep within this world - probably another drop out claiming from the government and giving nothing back to her community.

As much as I appreciate the comment red, all these things you say on HL2GO servers and write on peoples profile pages, private messages etc just shows everyone the kind of person you are, You're just making yourself look bad - why would you want that? Your like a bad cancer cell that spreads nothing but hatred and seeks attention by your actions. For a 23 yr old I would have expected better, especially from your part of the world but then again, you clearly haven't caught up with today's modern society.

red 20 hours ago 
I know you are struggling a lot, so, I just wanted to tell you, it is totally fine to have micro-♥♥♥♥♥, buddy. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Just because you have giant ♥♥♥♥, doesn't mean you can't be strong, independent whatever you identify as. Don't let your mental disability limit you in life. Live short and for the love of god, do not breed. <3

In the wrong hands that comment could be pretty destructive and I'd be very cautious as to who you speak to like that, I'm thick skinned and been around too long for silly girls to try and insult my intelligence and be a keyboard warrior - You're not even good at that!

The admins of these servers know me very well and know my game play etc and I like to think they respect me just like I do them. It's a two way thing. We come on, we play, we have fun, we leave. Spirits are high and good emotions are flowing. When you arrive, the server dies and atmosphere dies a death - All because of a single lost soul in this world, you.

Rather then 'trying' to abuse and mock other players, to which you do pathetically. Move on and find something you are actually good at, go get a job, earn money, be a better person, live life.

The end.
Thanks given by:
Pumpkin, I meant every single word. It really came from the heart.

I'm not sure which one you are at this point, Chris or Rob, but couples do start to look alike, so, not my fault. Either way, this whole thing started with me asking you to stop constantly camping on the T spawn(which is against the rules according to the server rules), after which, your heroic angel defended you, and you both started being incomprehensibly ignorant and rude. I don't see a reason why anyone would tolerate that.

You both started spamming chat every time you would see me or sikh, and it became even worse when you found out that I'm a girl. Seriously, how lonely and sad do you have to be to get to that point, and not only be obnoxiously annoying, but to play with MY nick, both of you, and start insulting people. It's literally right there as facts.

You and your best buddy started spamming on my profile ; Although, Chris decided to delete his comment, probably because it literally looked the same which leads me to conclude, you were holding hands whilst writing it. Sweet.

For the record, I have never tried to add you or Chris, I have never had a chat with you privately and while we are at it, Santa is not real, the Tooth fairy is a hoax and don't even get me started on easter bunny. And for the love of god, Chris has sent me 3 friend requests. You people need to get a life. It's beyond cringy at this point.

You have called me bunch of names, were nothing but rude and to quote Chris "Okay, I have to go now, I will stop bullying you at last, you've had enough". Although I was able to recover from sleepless nights from these life-changing "cyberbullying" Chris so wholeheartedly spammed throughout a 2-hour game.

"When you arrive, the server dies and atmosphere dies a death" You should be a poet.

Anywho, I'm excluding myself from this "drama" that you and your "sugar daddy big muscles yeah buddy yolo ymca" created.

Eat a dick.
Thanks given by:
admin pleaae lock this post it's gone crazy there has been a lot of insults and mocking of people mental status. it's all gone way too far and there is no need for it. please let this be the end. make love not war.

p.s I enjoyed the big muscles comment I'm fkin massive yeah buddy
Thanks given by:
Are you guys trying to one-up each other on who is more pathehic?
Esc -> Player list -> Select name -> Mute
hud_saytext 0
Steam has a block feature.
Steam also has a feature which allows your profile comments to be friends only and random people can't leave messages.
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