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  1. hey @Lost please unbanner one last time. can you give me pernament ban for voice/say/say_team build I will accept any punishment. I wanted to apologize and, after one week, ask for a last chance. I removed my spray and i have a new brain ;-;. I'll never do anything wrong again. Please men do it last time?i love this server and i can't live without it ? ------------------------------------- ||| You are banned ||| Nick: Ouwo ||| IP: ||| SteamID: STEAM_1:0:450206529 ||| By admin: Lost ||| Reason: will u ever improve ||| Ban created: 27.01.2021 - 21:36:54 ||| For length: Permanent ||| On: HL2GO.COM - Base Builder Server [EU] (bb_assault_complete) ||| Time left: Forever ||| Will expire: Never ||| For Unban Appeal: hl2go.com Kicked :"You are banned. Check
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