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  1. Lebo keby som písal ako normálny človek tak taký prijebaný a pribrzdený kokot a navyše aj retardovaný ako si ty by to nevedel prečítať. You are idiot. You can't solve problems. You leave and don't bother. Alebo príď a rovno ti jednu prijebem ty kokot.
  2. And that VIP and admin can regenerate HP even during the game? Because I dropped this HP at 70 and it regenerated HP at 100 in one game. If this is a good server, it is in the interest of the server not to play cheaters on it. You want proof? Go to the server when he's there and watch. A normal person sees who uses cheats and who doesn't. Many people complain about this player. If you don't care about this server, you do nothing. You play cheaters here and destroy the game to normal players and YOU DO NOTHING.
  3. I would like to ask, why he can play cheater UEBERRUSHUNG ? He add HP during games. He sees through the walls. Why nobody gives him a ban? He play usually on HL2GO.COM - Only Assault Public [24/7]
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