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  1. He is already known cheater, if you want a faster help , come to our discord server https://discord.gg/HaUTNSJQ tag server admins and we will come ban him till he is still in game. thank you for reporting.
  2. Join our discord server for faster answer , you can report in discord aswell in #help channel https://discord.gg/BNZUnYA4
  3. Worst story i ever heard 10/10 for being dumbass , and cheater 🥲
  4. Come discord , its gonna be much faster to report and get help from us https://discord.gg/tkkBnqRD
  5. Have you ever seen the rules yourself? If any player enter in your base you should tell admin to revive him You let him in your base And supporting him & there's another player I can see clearly in demo
  6. ] viewdemo hl2go_dust2_dm.dem Playing demo from hl2go_dust2_dm.dem. WARNING! hl2go_dust2_dm.dem has an outdated demo format. > BUILD 2186 SERVER (0 CRC) Server # 28 WARNING! Server returned protocol version 47, not 48 Demo file completely loaded. Demo file completely loaded. Disconnected. Demo playback stopped. Automatic connection retry... And as i said before no unban, stop acting like dumb.
  7. Put demo here if you wanna get unban. and if you wanna get faster answer come to our discord server https://discord.gg/YpfpkwqE
  8. https://www15.zippyshare.com/v/ppirWmby/file.html Ban stays. read rules.
  9. Same with all your spamming shits friends.
  10. Cuz you are shit. and you will stay banned.
  11. Admins (except 🟥 and 🟩 ) **cannot BAN** another specadmin, admin or VIP. If another admin breaks the rules, please report him here in discord or in our hl2go forum: https://hl2go.com/forum/6-report-admin-or-player/ ***
  12. DIMA LTU


    First of all you are unbanned long time ago. second , you got banned not for evade mute.....
  13. DIMA LTU


  14. You can join our discord channel https://discord.gg/mMajmV here is giveaways, you can win ammo packs , vip or admin
  15. First you have to put demo , thanks a lot and come to discord https://discord.gg/pffV9S
  16. If you want to get unban post your demo here. If no, ban will stay.
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