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  1. dude.. u need to stop abusing admin powers. so many reports already about ur behavior.. I would recommend u read rules.. before playing in server.. so u be in the safe side. 

    1. Jiren


      well he certainly uses his admin to the 'fullest' - changes maps whenever he wants, usually once he connects and doesn't like the map that's been currently played. Oh, and is always being CT allowed? Because he does that, too.

  2. 3 days to long - for nothing i watned to change map but get disconect.

  3. everyday TROLLS BLOCK ZOMBIE SPAWN on BB server... plz add possibility to kick person for VIPs or sth... :[ 

  4. He was banned for 3 days and got unban after 24h and he is abusing rules again like moving blocks after BULID TIME to make unpossible to come in or abusing /revive /swap comands... making game not fair and fun

    AND i DONT KNOW WHY HE BANNED ME 30 sec after i connected few minutes ago... 

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