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  1. I saw a unicorn! Please, believe me! No, I didn't take a picture of it, but, you should still trust me without ever doubting my word!
  2. Lovely, do you also want to tell me what I am thinking? If we've got such an immense, intelligent being that can read others' minds, why is it wasting its time defending knuckleheads? And, ofcourse, you wouldn't know when your mate shits the bed, because you're not the one that has to deal with it. Right, since your unimaginable brainpower is present, your all-knowingness is unrivaled, can you guess the average time epple spent playing with me after I connect? Xhaka guy at least stayed despite getting beat up, the only good thing I'll say about him is that he had a competitive spirit. At this point it should also be clear, the facts will not change, neither will your opinion or my opinion. The only thing you managed to achieve with this thread is to taint the memories for these players. Cheers!
  3. Whether you like it or not, what I say is factually correct. You may also want to ask epple how many 10-year olds that beat him in-game he banned (without them cheating), it was quite the list. Or how much time he spent trying to prove I was a cheater. Cheers.
  4. Your idea of YOUR post being the "fixed post" is pure comedy. The players mentioned only make me facepalm, half of them were inept admins that can't distinguish a cheater from a clean player, while all of them stat hunters. Very good idea from you to bring them up... so that it is known for people what sort of players they were and then, said people can make their judgement if they would want to play with any of these. Spoiler: They wouldn't. There are many players like them, in fact, too many of them, they never brought anything special to the table, if you had some more experience, you would've understood that. Cheers!
  5. https://ibb.co/0fRt3k0 In your Counter-Strike folder, simply go one step out of the cstrike folder and there you will have hl.exe waiting for you.
  6. And I saw a unicorn today!
  7. The least I can say is thank you for this comedic show you are putting on. But, yes, do indeed explain to me this conspiracy of every single admin hating on this poor person, this exact poor person out of every single CS player we have, it will be this exact person that no one likes and wants to get rid of. And now, fare thee well, find another place to cheat at.
  8. AHAHAHAH I can't believe what this cretin is saying. Please, someone that knows him in real life, anyone, help him.
  9. First round he's on long, the first kill he gets. Crystal clear. https://www86.zippyshare.com/v/9bsgt8y5/file.html Ban stays, cheaters not welcome here, bye.
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