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  1. If password is more than 1 word, surround it with " "; although I would advise surrounding it even if it wasn't more than 1 word long. Example: setinfo _pw "password goes here"
  2. I don't see Apu banned at all in the banlist.
  3. pompaman


    I was sent a 7MB demo on the Discord (present in links above) and you don't get banned in it. Only thing I can see is some guy reconnecting.
  4. The vicious and vile pompaman will save the day. When I catch you online I'll sort you out.
  5. 1. He claimed that he'll take a look to find out - I don't see the player in the banlist, thus, I'll keep an eye out to ban him. 2. Yes, he should've banned him, but he must still check. 3. No, you were spamming obnoxiously instead of telling him where to look. 4. No, admins don't see every player's screen while they are also playing. 5. Instead of telling where he'll see that he was blocking, you decided that it's the best idea to threaten him, unadvisable. Upon seeing player PalestineFree, we'll place a permanent ban.
  6. You've played it, Jeark? Looks as if there's too few blocks for all players from screenshots.
  7. Post a demo so I can go through it.
  8. Both bans extended to permanent, thanks.
  9. These are the ban details you get in your console. Here we have an auto record demo plugin. What that means is that you DO have a demo in your CS files. Normally you can start/stop a demo manually. The demo is basically a replay of a game of yours. In our case, since there's the auto record plugin, the demo will showcase the last time you played in D2 CA which is when you got banned. You can find the demo in your cstrike folder, named after the server you got banned in. Once you do find it, you can upload it to any file sharing website and post a download link here. For a more detailed description on how to find and upload your demo, refer to the instructions listed here:
  10. So... where's the demo? Or do you also see unicorns?
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