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  1. People are complaining that you make up your own rules, I'd suggest you take the time to read them in the appropriate section in the HL2GO Discord. Note: You do not need to download an app, you can open it through chrome as well. And use common sense. Cheers.
  2. Quote: - And I wanna suggest you like the way you made rule for the layer base (max 1), and slow bases not allowed , you can also add up a rule about max 1 or max 2 in long tunnels . You really do not have to not consider the map for minor thing. If you only have 2 layers or if you have 10 layers, still 1 player, the amount would depend on the skill of the builder. Same with tunnels, if you are good enough and make a long enough tunnel (or labyrinth), not including the super long tunnel blocks in the "skilled" category, still the same rule. Then, by your logic, how are you deciding if a tunnel is too long? It starts becoming very gray as "this admin considers 3 long, this admin considers 15 blocks long", and also different maps have different block sizes, 3 tunnel blocks on bb_kyku compared to 3 tunnel blocks on bb_frozen. Quote: - And for saying that map has less resource if the server is full , it has a solution brother , that people can vote to change the map if server is full or admins can change it to maps with more resource . I mean you guys have given the power to nominate maps which is very good so people can play maps of their choices , so they are smart enough to change it or admins change it ( I am kind of very active in that server ) and honestly speaking the server only gets full for 4-5 hours in 24 hrs bcoz I am online for like 12-16 hours and people don't have such problems of less resources. So brother these kind of little problems have solutions if you will add few maps with less resource people are smart enough to know when they have to change to it and when not . When they will play the map few times they will understand how the things are. And as I said there is no such problem of less resource believe me because most of the time there are 12 people 6-6 each in both teams as I have noticed. Only servers gets full when popular maps like bb_castle and bb_dust2 or bb_assault come. So there will be no such problem. People CAN vote but don't do it as often as you may think. Nominations are also not used as often as I would like (all servers, not just bb). And many players don't consider the amount of resources on a map, they see the map name, maybe they recognize the name and think "oh yes I liked that one, I want that one" or just blindly pressing 1 when the vote appears. You overexagerate how mindful people are. In terms of base variance, my YT channel still has the tutorials up most likely, from back in the day when we were still innovating. Ofcourse, that is no longer the case with how stagnant BB has become since the people with ideas left basebuilder altogether (speaking of original ideas, not just combining existing bases and calling them "new", with the 120+ base list we had back in the day, you could make a lot of combinations and go ham... but not original), you may find some of the bases you speak of there with more famous names. Mapwise, you seem to be willing to take the risk that players think before they pick a map. From having played BB way too long, I can say that the majority don't. And it's something that never changed throughout the years. With the exception of bb_dust2_b5, I am willing to let the other maps go through. And as I was asking earlier - a comprehensive list of broken/bad maps to be given the axe so that the changes can be done in one go.
  3. bb_castle, bb_confidence_castle and bb_dust2 were all maps I wasn't the biggest fan of. bb_dust2 I even had removed but from enough players wanting it back it returned. bb_assault - same name, different map, may be some file conflict if added. And I believe players like the current assault despite its flaws. bb_alley_lite - we already have bb_alley and still barely, given the lack of roof blocks. bb_arctic - some oversized blocks, pre-made tunnels (although you can get headshotted from above in them by the looks of things) bb_around3 - we removed it last time I was reviewing the maps, walls run out very quickly on a full server, quicker than on maps like ultrabuild and basement. bb_autumn - it's a classic bb map but there's too few walls. bb_aztec_b7 - it was on the server before but I had it removed; I am considering it due to potential base variance. bb_dust_iplay - you really need to make a very strong case as to why to accept it with the giant tunnels. bb_dust2_b5 - persoally removed it, lack of blocks to finish a build as walls are tiny. You either finish the build and all players that want to be in a ground base come to you or you go for something in the air, rather limiting. bb_frozen - the first map I played in bb, in fact, I really like it, but you are also aware how few walls there are on it, despite base variance being good. bb_ggn - looks like bb_autumn but with more walls, looks solid. bb_italy2 - oversized blocks bb_kivilinnus - I personally had this removed. bb_kyku - massive, oversized tunnels and blocks. High base variance (potentially), but due to the tunnels and big blocks, you'll see mainly tunnels and layers. Long ones. Every round. bb_lockout - another classic map but it didn't make it, blocks are quick to run out and there's not enough of everything for everyone. bb_marioland_v1 - a few oversized blocks, overall not enough blocks for everyone, some breaking bridges which will lead to frustrated builders losing time bb_pharaoh2 - I used to play this map back in the day, it was a fun map on the side... with less than 6 players. bb_separation6 - I personally like it... but I can revive myself until I spawn in the same place where my base is. Hencewhy it's a no. bb_schoolbgbackyard - massive oversized tunnels, enough to say no to it (and, yes, I've played it before, a lot) bb_tql - we had it here before but I had it taken out, limited in blocks to start with. bb_useblock2 - giant blocks, no bb_varvilised - blocks are ok in quantity; zombies keep unstucking themselves outside of the spawn during build and prep time; no difference in wall size, the little walls run out quickly as... there's only little walls Summary: Provide more information why you want some of these, specifically the ones I am not fully against, if you can convince me, can happen. bb_assault - no bb_alley_lite - leaning towards no bb_arctic - no bb_around3 - argumentation, why? bb_autumn - argumentation, why? bb_aztec_b7 - leaning towards yes bb_dust_iplay - leaning towards no bb_dust2_b5 - no bb_frozen - argumentation, why? bb_ggn - yes bb_italy2 - no bb_kivilinnus - no bb_kyku - leaning towards no bb_lockout - leaning towards no bb_marioland_v1 - no bb_pharaoh2 - no bb_separation6 - no bb_schoolbgbackyard - leaning towards no bb_tql - no bb_useblock2 - no bb_varvilised - no
  4. As explained - due to the average age being so low, the majority playerbase of basebuilder would consist of minecraft players getting into cs or just children that want to build things - no english or chat ever applied, no thoughts, just something they have fun with (at others' expense). If you look at the probability, a player that comes in and sees a massive base will think "nah, i ain't enterring that", whereas if it is smaller they understand that it's a better chance of success. Also why I used to make a lot of bases with multiple entrances and also why zombies always attack a failed base more than a completed base. But, yes, the types of players in basebuilder aren't there to play as zombies, they're there to play as humans and want nothing to do with being a zombie, nor will they for a few years and by that point they would've exited bb entirely, unknowing that they were a partial reason of the decadence of the mod itself. No perfect solution, everything will have its upsides and downsides. In terms of maps - give me a quick list here when you can and I'll take a looksie and then I'll go bother essa myself.
  5. I am judging block size based on the default bb maps such as basement, ultrabuild, corners; That length I consider the standard, if you compare that length to the one on the iplay maps (note: these 2 maps were made for a 4.3 mod, which had upgrades for both sides, because that's the mod they had working back then), they are significantly bigger, make walling in easier and make building layers a big temptation (and later - a big annoyance for the zombies). While the 2 maps were still on the server, 90% of the rounds had layers built. Creativity 0; Number of zombies unwilling to enter the layers increases drastically; Both teams become bored of the situation; Higher chance of a player disconnecting when the gameplay is grinded to a halt. At least an average skilled player could dodge some shots in a layer, but when the layer is too long or there are 5-6 it becomes out of the question. And that's not counting uneducated players (85%+) bumping into you inside the layer, making the human's job easier and yours harder. Unluckily, this is Base Builder in a nutshell, if you make something like the building blocks bigger, the players don't try to challenge themselves in building some new idea of a base or trying a harder base that they barely don't have enough time to do, no, they just simply make a base to grind more kills. With more balanced block size, layers are less deadly, as well as other low-skill-to-build bases, which would inspire looking for other possibilities. I don't care if you are thinking of making long bases but that's what the blocks will allow players to do. Does the rest of the playerbase align with you on not building long bases? No, they either can't read or are unwilling to due to the low average age, also the main contributing factor to why there's so much trouble in BB. As I mentioned - there have been maps added without my counsel, I don't have access to add things myself (and I don't want the access). I suggest you contact essa regarding the bad maps.
  6. school_backyard and dust_iplay have massive, oversized blocks. When picking what maps to stay and what maps to be sent to the chopping block I looked at if it would have enough material for 16-24 players (8-12 humans, due to unbalanced teams sometimes), the size of the blocks (you would end up being a zombie enterring in a seemingly endless base that would not be replicable without the block size being so big) and if the material wasn't hidden away, as in, easily accessible and enough of most varieties of blocks. I've purposefully left the majority of the classic basebuilder maps (such as ultrabuild, basement, corners, crete), even though for them it barely makes it as enough material, but, they are the classic basebuilder maps. As for other maps, I've listed the requirements to be met for maps to be added (note: there were maps added further down the line without my approval but when players complain they never think to mention the maps in question). So, just keep in mind, no oversized blocks, don't think "oh how long i can make the base this way", think from the zombies' perspective too.
  7. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out to spank him for half a day.
  8. pompaman

    lost process

    If you've got proof (screenshot) of your ammo, I can sort it out (I can only give them in ZP Mega server, ammo is the same in both ZP servers) but with a pirated version you may experience the same problem in the future.
  9. pompaman

    lost process

    Ammo is also saved on SteamID. Pirated CS is at fault.
  10. pompaman

    lost process

    Your case? You mean your points? Points are saved on SteamID; Pirated CS (non-steam as others call it) has a fake SteamID. The SteamID itself is the account's unique number (fake SteamIDs that your pirated CS is generating are... fake and in case the SteamID changes, you lose access to it - and to your "progress"; the "progress" is still there, it is your CS screwing you over... because it's pirated, information here, you can find all of your "progresses": https://stats.hl2go.com/hlstats.php?mode=search&game=zpmega&st=player&q=8>NaNo<8 ); The Steam account is free to create; CS 1.6 itself is paid, there's also plenty of games that are free to play. During sales (Halloween, Christmass, Easter, Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn/Fall, etc Sales) many games are on discounts and you can find CS 1.6 at something like -80%/-90% discounts. You can get Steam CS here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/10/CounterStrike/ Note: Even if you get Steam CS now, you WILL start again (it's also been rumoured that points may reset around the end of the year, so, keep that in mind) but only because of it being a new account - from there on you wont lose anything whatsoever.
  11. May I have the demo of it all?
  12. Points are saved on SteamID. Pirated (non-steam CS) generate fake SteamIDs. The SteamID itself is your Steam account unique number. What does this mean? Your 2 SteamIDs (the fake one in non-steam and the real one on your Steam account) are completely different and not tied to each other (they can't be tied to each other either) hence the "loss" of points you experienced.
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