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  1. Mr.JunkyCoacH 2020-04-26 VIP It says your VIP has been activated already. When you paid for it, you've written down your nickname and a password you are going to use. Ma$$ter above mentions the command you need to put to type in your password. So, in other words, you're being kicked because of not typing your password.
  2. pompaman

    ZM plugins

    First one will be too overpowered. Force Field Grenade is fine.
  3. Ooga booga, I am Gingo and I can't read. My first message. Go. Read. Google Translate if you must. Cheers!
  4. VIPs and Admins regenerate HP when they get a kill. They can also see how much damage they do when they land a hit, through a wall or otherwise. And, I would suggest supporting your claims with a demo. I saw a unicorn today, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Now believe me. Catch my point?
  5. After you continuosly misuse and abuse the antigun and I've lost count how many times you've been banned for the same thing: http://bans.hl2go.com/ban_list.php?bid=3714 Invoked on 13. Mar 2020 - 12:15:33 Ban length 12 Hours (720 Minutes) 40 minutes later http://bans.hl2go.com/ban_list.php?bid=3717 Invoked on 13. Mar 2020 - 12:55:09 Ban length 30 Minutes (30 Minutes) 2 hours and 15 minutes later http://bans.hl2go.com/ban_list.php?bid=3730 Invoked on 13. Mar 2020 - 15:09:11 Ban length 1 Day (1440 Minutes) Then, you do last a few days without being an idiot, only to end up going back to acting like a smartass: http://bans.hl2go.com/ban_list.php?bid=3961 Invoked on 16. Mar 2020 - 23:31:31 Ban length 3 Days (4320 Minutes) 2 days later, before the ban had expired: http://bans.hl2go.com/ban_list.php?bid=4046 Invoked on 18. Mar 2020 - 01:09:47 Ban length 1 Day (1440 Minutes) So, tell me, Besam, when will you learn not to abuse, when will you learn not to evade your bans? Wherever you go, you will face the same issue and it will keep on happening. I hope google translate finds you well and translates it properly. Cheers!
  6. It was removed from the giveaways a long time ago. Not about to add it back in.
  7. Screenshots can ocasionally show a wallhack, not an aimbot. Ban stays, cheers!
  8. Original ban from earlier in the day for Aimbot, since he's evaded it, he does not have a demo to show his dancing crosshair: http://bans.hl2go.com/ban_list.php?bid=4226 Since you cheated, for unban you should refer to https://reg.hl2go.com/cs.php
  9. When you bought your VIP, you had to write down a password to be set up. That password is what you need to log in. I don't need to know your password, but your CS does. The way you do that is simple: Step 1: Open your console. Step 2: Type (you can also copy-paste it and replace "password" with your password): setinfo _pw "password" Step 3: Profit.
  10. - I've been robbed! - By whom? Who are you? Where do you live? - ...........................................
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