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  1. hi
    you is Owner in Hl2go?
    I am a map creator, all the information is in the forum, look for me as Yenire [R]
    the map was for ugc but they didn't accept me, well a friend told me that hl2go was looking for a map maker
  2. I am Yenire Ramos I am 21 years old, I am from Venezuela, I come to introduce myself as a map creator for this community I will leave you my map link so that you can download it if I am accepted as a gift I will give you 3 more maps for hl2go. My likes are ice cream, food and football, I play Cs from 11pm to 2pm or more. I am a person who likes Kind and Sincere People because I am Friendly, Sincere and Respectful. My ideas for this community is to see it in the future as the best community and server in the world, so I come to contribute my knowledge as a map creator to help. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ge454an41sn1qk1/Zm-Klop.rar/file <--- Is my Map
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