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  1. Hello, I am kinda new here but i would like to make a proposal, more like a scream for "help". Admins should be also given freely, based on numbers of hours played on server and based on admin request/steam. I play on your hl2go deathrun server and everytime I play, there are players continuously using RETRY when they are T, using bugs, using traps as CT on maps u can, taking short cuts, swearing and it goes on and on and on non-stop. And when a ADMIN is ON, like one admin BrokeN, they are just simply useless and dont care about anything. I'm a players who likes to go by the rules and play on a server that has and respects rules, but I swear to God, on your DR server there's no such thing... I'm really desperate to making an admin request just so I can play without seeing players 24/24 using all kind of sh*ts... I didn't make any because I see you can only buy admin here. I get it, you guys want money, but your servers won't be apreciated unless there are rules followed and admins that can do their jobs. Take this into consideration pls !
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