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  1. I've see that there are a lot of people in bb trying to rr all the time and I think I got a solution for it you could add a thing when if you leave the server u have a timeout for 60 seconds until u can connect back that will prevent people from rr to try and get CT all the time . I've seen it in some bb servers and it works good. What do you think?
  2. Name - x. EviL ' LeGenD *.^ Stats- https://stats.hl2go.com/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=247344 What happened: first he falsely build banned me because i couldn't get out so i moved a couple blocks from a base that nobody was in to get out yes i know i could have typed /revive but i wasnt thinking at the time anyways there was nobody in the base so just moved 2 blocks to get out then i was talking to him about why he did it and he got mad cuz he is probably not older than 12 and banned me and the ban is false and the reason is false and the time of the ban is false as he is just an admin he cant even ban a admin he has to report it in the forum its in the rules .17 When did it happen: 5-10 mins ago Demo- https://files.fm/u/875kscqk Server - BB
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