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  1. I bought 10000ammopacks for 3-4 days agow but have not receved them at all! Look into it thx!             



    1. Sershant


      join discord server https://hl2go.com/discord/invite/general/ contact with pompaman to solve ur problem

    2. Hermish 15

      Hermish 15

      Cant join for some reason! Whats the code? 


  2. "On your zombie server"

    How do you quick bind "Armor" 


  3. bought vip yesterday and im just wondering if its activated! Hermish ?

    1. El Play

      El Play

      Hi, if you have still problem, you better go on discord. There are online admins which can solve your problem faster. 
      Discord: https://discord.gg/aV5JQv

    2. Hermish 15

      Hermish 15

      Discord link is unavailable send a link to my discord Hermish15#1090


      Quicker respond there 

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