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  1. Noob because you are an admin you have no right to abuse the admins commands, maybe my guy gave you gag because you wrote something inappropriate, if you are gag stay gag.
  2. Essa i lost 50k..... , I am not asking you to return them all to me but, with 10k I am happy, it was very hard to do all that and without vip, thank you

    1. essa


      Contact pompa. He's in charge for this issue

    2. D@NNY

      [email protected]

      Trust me, i tried..... but he just ignores me.  i love this community, but you must understand that i worked hard to get those ammo packs.... It already happened to several people as you can see

    3. D@NNY

      [email protected]


      I also have proof, I knew this would happen
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