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  1. Well, I respect your oponion. You said 6.5 is skill-base, that's true. But... what if my version is really that good in balance etc. if it could be that way good ? Yes, it would be a big shock if we change the mode at hl2go.com, but what if we gave them choice ? Like second different server.
  2. Well the thing is levels aren't that op, it gives little advantage on the start, but upgrades are pretty expensive... It takes like 2 months to get fine stats. I am playing with levels years and never said like I wouldn't play that because it's unfair. It's fair because getting stats takes pretty long time, and that keeps people progress
  3. Hello, Let me introduce myself, I am Counter-Strike developer for like 8 years. I was working on my own BaseBuilder pretty long. I would like to offer it to HL2GO.com project. Hope players will give some feedback too! - About mode - - VIP, ExtraVIP System - BaseBuilder based not just on killing or die - Block Colors - Block Reservations - Referral System - Automatic Events - By Killing, Surviving the round or even diying you earn credits. - Upgrades: Health, Armor, Gravity, Invisible, Speed, Damage - 0/50 Levels! - By Killing you can earn XP - BaseBuilder based on progress - you need to play more and more to be good - By credits you can purchase many stuff - you can upgrade your character(Zombie or Human), buy limited map upgrades, or even items, or limited buffs - Drop system - By killing an enemy you can obtain from shitty items, to buffs, to upgrades, levels of upgrades, OR EVEN Rare/Pretty Rare/Legendary Items, which gives a lot of benefits and never seen eeffects! - Normal round/Night Round - Flame nades to burn ZombiesS! - Achievements - By completing some quests you can earn some great rewards - as credits and more - 0 Bugs - Possible to send Credits/XP to your friend - Many actions and fun - Unique mode - No HUD Bugs - Optimalization - Strongest Engine _________________ And a lot more Here is some videos https://youtu.be/b2gViyzeVb0 https://youtu.be/TH3gqavxuGE https://youtu.be/0O_Q4R16onk
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