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  1. Hi all, My username is Xhosa and I paid for a VIP service yesterday which still isn't active. Can someone please look into this? Thanks
  2. Hello, I paid for a VIP service yesterday and my services have not been active yet. Can you please check and advise what needs to be done? Thanks,
  3. Hi, I paid for the vip and I am not getting an option to select the guns. Anything wrong with the server?
  4. Sorry I didn't get this.. When I am trying to connect, It just tells me Kicked.. The server is added in my favourites. How do I type this in Console?
  5. I paid for the VIP service last night and today I see that I have been kicked from the server. I am not sure why I was kicked. Below are the details of my steam. Can you please look into this Location: Canada Steam: STEAM_0:1:524114345
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