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  1. Desde un primer momento supe que eras tu, asi que me da igual, de todos modos me voy a otro server, no uso hack, no uso nada, alla tu que no soportas ver a alguien que juega mas que tu. Suerte menor, cuando quieras te doy unas recomendaciones para que juegues mejor♥ Saludos! Fue un placer haberte fundido el cerebro cada vez que salias.
  2. I could buy it but what good would it do if I later find myself with the one who banned and does it back, I prefer not to do anything like you, who do not want to do anything, the ban does not change that I play more than other people It doesn't make me a worse player, it just helps ease the mind of the one who lost against me. Thanks to you!
  3. ||| You are banned ||| Nick: 'Afk.' ||| IP: ||| SteamID: VALVE_6:1:1848676595 ||| By admin: UnIvErSaL ||| Reason: Cheating. ||| Ban created: 18.07.2020 - 01:34:21 ||| For length: Permanent ||| On: HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2 Public [CA] (de_dust2) ||| Time left: Forever ||| Will expire: Never ||| For Unban Appea Player link: https://stats.hl2go.com/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=617741 IMPORTANT: I do not have the recording since when I realized that I had been banned, I eliminated the game because i was upset, then some friends told me that I could open a case here in the forum for my disbandment and decided to do it, the administrator who banned me did it because I was Annoying since he always beat him 1 vs 1, but he never had proof that I used any kind of hack, on previous occasions, another administrator called "Friendfire" spent approximately 10 minutes watching my game and he told everyone that I was playing legally. Every day I played with and against administrators like "3 inches but it's thick, Hashashin_ [chocolate], FiendFire, Hashashin_ [TIOLAUCHA]" and I never had any problems, until the admin "UnIvErSaL" arrived and just for the annoyance of not to win 1 vs 1 I was banned. I hope someone helps me to solve my problem since I like to play on that server and I have friends playing there.
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