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  1. i hope u will understand u r trash , not freeman , cuz many ppl come without prof and get nothing , enjoy with ur ban
  2. hamzarahabi

    Unban New

    u need to upload the real demo , and there is no ban in that demo =no unban
  3. u need to read rules first , then ur ban its fo 3 days , the ban well stay , u abuse = swap players for more information join discord , https://discord.gg/cJ8t6p
  4. hamzarahabi


    nah , this one not real one on steam , and its no steam cs , https://store.steampowered.com/app/10/CounterStrike/
  5. send demo , and i will check it
  6. هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
  7. next time dont insult , i will ban u next time for sure
  8. first , i do mistake to revive my self not swap second , i can fix my base third, i banned him cuz he insulted next time dont insult , i will ban u next time for sure
  9. dude , next time stop lamming , i m not stupid admin to ban players cuz he killed me
  10. u have many ban here , u can buy vip with 2 usd , but u cant buy unban with 3 usd
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