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  1. i just downloaded it using utorrent web , it worked fine !
  2. when the game is downloading this appears https://ibb.co/2KGQtC6
  3. of course can download but cant install never mind , i updated my drivers and it worked thank you
  4. Thanks But I can't download the game without ignoring these file , every file need 6 seconds to be ignored They are too much so I can't download the game
  5. Has anyone recently downloaded cs 1.6 from this website I get issues with installation , cstrike / halve/sound Some of files in this path couldn't be installed , it says " couldn't read from the source file , the source file is corrupted I could try to ignore these files but the installation take much time to ignore and the file are many so I can't get rid of it
  6. you remember the dark side of it and i remember the beautiful side we are just completely different but you also shouldn't be like this
  7. of course im not the one who has to deal with it you wasnt even part of my only inferno memories , i only played with you few times there and i dont know what your talking about its your problem , your just hateful xhaka once accused me of cheating and told his vip friend to ban me , he was talking arabic to him and he thought i dont know arabic your negative ugly memories is useless and i just dont need it and i dont know what are you trying to achieve here
  8. your talking about someone else the insane ? epple i know , was always rushing mid with pistol , almost every round he never said any word in the chat , and when you talk to him he only reply with this emoji " " he never ever cared about any cheaters or anything except having fun i only saw him once before 3-4 years banning someone called " kwikzz " for anti recoil script and btw , you have never played with him
  9. As usual Pompa man talks like he knows everything , and also disrespect old players because he doesn't like them .. Your just an idiot dude , you've been always idiot
  10. Your opinion wasn't important at all tbh , but Well , you have never played with them , actually you haven't played at only inferno except few times And now your talking like you know them well Yes , they were good , and the ones you are talking about weren't stat hunters , they were enjoying the game by rushing over the map , they didn't care much about cheaters , and they were good players
  11. those days will never come back come on , just make memory a fixed post that will always be at the top of forums will be enough
  12. yes , players come and go but those players are different , there will come no players like them
  13. tell me what is the problem , what do you find weird or surprising anything useful ?
  14. come on , what is the problem with you
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