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  1. Join our discord and tag Server Admins for faster response next time m8!
  2. You seem like a despicable, deplorable, cretin. I'm glad to have played with Pompaman and some others instead of you. The way you speak, you would catch such a heavy ban hammer so quickly, it would be an amusing combination of keys to press. Feel free to stop in for free ban!
  3. What : 15 or 30 second camp timer plug-in (with instant automated slap or slay beyond end of time) <-----IF the plug-in exists Where : HL2GO cs_assualt_upc - more specifically - CT towers + Hostage vent/Hostage room Why : Camper noobs, campers prevail if no admin is in server, I remember haha If not, I will play there again someday anyway + police that server so hard these plebs won't see it coming!
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