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  1. Be specific and state your attitude to someone who presented themselves as the authority and then the way you continued to speak to me led me to turn you into a nemesis, which you obviously hated. You are upset; I understand - accepting and respecting authority isn't always easy. With that being said, I suggest you don't always resort to anger with the authority because they are authoritative but rather resort to shaping yourself into the authority (when I say authority, I don't mean ME; I mean the authority you were very obviously seeking to find if I had) - your attitude told me you desire it, likely because you already feel it. Your anger will get you nowhere my friend. Try wit instead. When I turned you into a nemesis; it wasn't because I didn't like you; it's not personal like that - it's because you were asking who I was with a rotten attitude; so I showed you who I am (relevant to you anyway)
  2. Now you are putting words in my mouth.? Why are you unable to understand that you bought survivor at a bad time? I changed map to wrong map (whoops my bad better change to the right one) You: buys Survivor Me: Changes map to the correct map Why is this so hard to wrap your head around? You think my HEAD admin will be removed because I changed a map to the CORRECT map after I made a mistake? You are fucking stupid if you honestly believe that. Sorry that I made a mistake with map change, that is all you deserve and will get from me. If there is ever a next time maybe you can approach it differently, ask the admin why they changed - see if you can get your AP back. I definitely could have gotten your 500 Survivor AP back for you but why would I do that now?
  3. Will you stop making shit up before I ban you perm from server? Right now you are only kicked, not even banned from discord for continuously calling me rat boy / rat child. Test my patience kid - play stupid games win stupid prizes! 1 - Why would I ever insult a server that I LOVE to play in? 2 - I got upset because osama laughed when you killed me (took you long enough btw) 3 - We didn't argue, there was nothing to argue about. You were upset that I changed map (to [proper map) and that ignited the entire conflict. Stop crying about buying survivor, not my fault you bought survivor after I accidentally changed to wrong map. Map Vote was aztec_infinity, server bugged and the server changed map to deko_2, I accidentally changed to aztec_temple while trying to fix the server's mistake - I quickly realize my mistake and before countdown is finished I change map to prop aztec_infinity. The funny part is that if you had gone about this differently and asked me why I changed the map - I'd have probably saw to it that you got your 500 AP back from buying survivor, because it is indeed unfortunate that this happened to you. Instead you ask no questions and threaten me with a report and got gagged. Today you get a lesson in social skills. At this point I would be happy to see you leave the server. So many people in this server know that I am a really nice guy, who cares a lot about other people. But why would I treat you well when you treat me like I don't know how to Admin?
  4. My Guy

    Ban Appeal

    This "contributing more than a moderator" made me laugh VERY hard.
  5. My Guy

    Ban Appeal

    Certainly there is...someone who can vouch for you?
  6. My Guy

    Ban Appeal

    Funny you say this now instead of choosing that to be the very next thing you say upon reading (in discord) that I was "<--->" that close to banning you because you're a credit card scammer. You chose your next words wrong. You weren't quoting lyrics, others were there not just me. Who the fuck pretends to be a credit card scammer? It's your dream job?! I wouldn't know how you make your money if you hadn't said it yourself. I see right through your nonsensical bullshit, take what you are given scum. Nice try though. This is what's really happened here: Credit card scammer copies the name of a rapper because he is incapable of doing anything on his own and has a serious need to mooch off of the hard work of others. Credit card scammer is SO infatuated with his own ability to screw others out of their money that they earned by contributing to society that he chooses to tell entire discord general chat about his scam; thinking it will make him sound cool amongst a group of techies; it backfires; and the guy is banned from HL2GO discord while he ponders a new career path because he has learned he can never share with anyone what he does so long as he wants that same person to have a positive opinion of him. I pinned the tail on the donkey for you. You aren't good at lying btw.
  7. My Guy

    Ban Appeal

    It doesn't need to be saved. There is no room here for people like you.
  8. My Guy

    Ban Appeal

    Yeah I think owners forgot to put "Don't be a complete piece of shit." in the rules. With your credit card scams you will not be welcome anywhere not just here, get used to it.
  9. You would get a faster reaction by joining our discord server. I watched your demo just now and you are correct, I thought 2nd lm was placed after I got there. My apologies. The 30 minute ban has been removed.
  10. Being called "gay" can certainly be considered offensive. If it was INTENDED as a provocation then it definitely was intended to be an insult. No unban, follow rules. Also, why you call someone "kid" when you are also clearly - a child?
  11. 1 week ban remains. Don't place free bans, take this as a learning opportunity.
  12. My guy I purchase 40k ammo pack 2 days ago, but i did not get it.

    Nick: XninjaX


    1. My Guy

      My Guy

      have you received your AP yet?


  13. I gagged you because you spam "My Guy" in chat followed by nothing at all. If you have something to say then say it, don't type my name 2783612365719087x and wait for me to say "what?" Like hello I'm trying to play a game without being interrupted again + again + again + again.
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