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  1. Name: (=/XXX$D$XXX/=) Aimbot onlydustCSDM putos gringos .l.
  2. bcs they give me a humiliating role as soon as i joins the server
  3. Name: Alprazolam Server: OnlydustCSDM Use: Aimbot @TheServersAdmins
  4. Name: dk Server: OnlydustCSDM Use: Aimbot @TheServersAdmins
  5. GF]-VIP


    dima banned me from discord, (for evade mute) 7 days have gone, and i'm still banned
  6. GF]-VIP


    Why i'm still banned?
  7. solved, please delete all my last posts, all those posts are solveds too.
  8. I got banned, but i don't know why.. i Want explanations about--
  9. Abuse of Lasermines? I was blocking zmvips access, what is the problem? My Ban List--> https://prnt.sc/tp0ag4 Ban Screenshot--> https://prnt.sc/tp0ax8 Dem--> http://www.mediafire.com/file/sg77ob2ytgz59p9/dem.mp4/file
  10. what is your problem piece of  shit?

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