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  1. hi there, allbans by zous removed and he's admin deleted i recommend join our discord server for faster help https://hl2go.com/discord/invite/general/
  2. :D:D:D funny u killed him gg and ty for report player banned!
  3. ty for the report if we see him he will definitely be punished! I recommend you to join our discord server to get faster rasponse and help from admins https://hl2go.com/discord/invite/general/ cheeers
  4. greeetings, can you exactly explain what happened there did he used cheats or some bugs cuz i;m not playing there.
  5. Sershant

    unban please

    ban appeal declined. buy unban here https://reg.hl2go.com/cs_unban.php
  6. and u saying u din't fix base smart liar...
  7. https://www28.zippyshare.com/v/UFBAK8q6/file.html you are responsible for your words? For now i will extend ur ban time for day for ur lies
  8. ty for report we will defintely punish him no worries
  9. ban time changed to 1 day
  10. can't download ur demo upload http://www.mediafire.com/ or zippyshare.com
  11. thx for report he's banned joind our discord server there are active admins https://hl2go.com/discord/invite/general/
  12. remember when you bought it your time has already expired.
  13. heloo there, not firstime he abuse baning players/admins without reason anyways if it happens again report here or join discord server to get faster rasponse, and we will take action what do with him, and that admin who banned you already punished! cheeers discord link is here -----> https://hl2go.com/discord/invite/general/
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