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  1. Тебе совет обнови свою контру у тебя старая версия поэтому некоторые админы немогут смотреть твою демку так что будь в курсе потому что бан попросту могут не снять удачи.
  2. nextime upload demo of this player, ye and join discord as jack said.
  3. ahahahah cool joke, first of all i banned you for abuse, u transfered people int o zombies and urself to be a human every round and building imposible bases, want advice read rules before playing ours playing on servers or u will lose your money again when bying unban rules are here good luck.
  4. Sershant


    only one way https://reg.hl2go.com/cs_unban.php
  5. good bay we don't need people like u nobody unban u good luck.
  6. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whats in ur mind are u dumb or u pretending? :DDDDDDD
  7. its doesn't change anything, same with steam players its something with ammo system.
  8. hello there, we don't have hidden privileges here u can see it all info here, if he will continue to use awp just ban him he's have script on his cs personally i banned him many times for this , some stubborn man he's are.
  9. honestly it's bad bad, sad he's banned only for hour, i also banned him one time for abuse apparently he didn't learn a lesson....
  10. we will punish him thx for report
  11. noobest models which i saw, with the help of these inscriptions cheats will smart pretending.
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