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  1. :D:D:D funny u killed him gg and ty for report player banned!
  2. ty for the report if we see him he will definitely be punished! I recommend you to join our discord server to get faster rasponse and help from admins https://hl2go.com/discord/invite/general/ cheeers
  3. greeetings, can you exactly explain what happened there did he used cheats or some bugs cuz i;m not playing there.
  4. Sershant

    unban please

    ban appeal declined. buy unban here https://reg.hl2go.com/cs_unban.php
  5. and u saying u din't fix base smart liar...
  6. https://www28.zippyshare.com/v/UFBAK8q6/file.html you are responsible for your words? For now i will extend ur ban time for day for ur lies
  7. ty for report we will defintely punish him no worries
  8. ban time changed to 1 day
  9. can't download ur demo upload http://www.mediafire.com/ or zippyshare.com
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