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  1. essa

    Admin request

    Haha. This made my day. Finally u trash. A d wasn't me who said it.
  2. Join our discord here. Where you will find a quicker response. From admins. https://discord.gg/qK9tWw97
  3. essa


    Maybe cuz you're gay or something?!
  4. dude.. u need to stop abusing admin powers. so many reports already about ur behavior.. I would recommend u read rules.. before playing in server.. so u be in the safe side. 

    1. Jiren


      well he certainly uses his admin to the 'fullest' - changes maps whenever he wants, usually once he connects and doesn't like the map that's been currently played. Oh, and is always being CT allowed? Because he does that, too.

  5. If u have a steam cs u won't lose process. Our rank system (stats) is connected to player steam id. No matter what name u use. U won't lose points.
  6. Maps r still there. Admins can vote them. They just don't show in the auto map vote.
  7. Contact pompaman on discord to help u out. And as ammos saved on steam ID. I would highly recommend you get steam cs. So u won't lose ammos again.
  8. Contact pompaman in discord. He will fix things for u.
  9. Join discord and contact the administrators there.
  10. essa

    unban please

    The ban for retry. Not cheat. Can't u see the ban reason?!
  11. grrrr,, who unbannd him.. could u write here that he got unbanned.. so u save me watching the demo.. fok
  12. No need to ban him. Will edit the plugin so he can't reach there. Np
  13. ok looks like u have no more.. good bye... 



      Showing all content I have not read and posted in for the last 365 days.

  14. go ahead. say more.. 



      Showing all content I have not read and posted in for the last 365 days.

  15. Join discord to active ur VIP. Contact babe
  16. cool join discord here if u wanted any further help https://discord.gg/D9GQ8p
  17. Write in console Setinfo _pw "your password" It shall work then
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