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  1. Ban Unfair to me Master Zomber I want to report Mihai and XninjaX for unfair ban because they think that I did a jump trick in zombie plague special I want them to please remove the ban since the jump trick came out since a player named Adam shot me with the rail cannon on the map fox and I flew through the air falling right next to the vips mihai and ninja and turned them into zombies mihai banned me and ninja for hack please essa help me remove the ban I did not do anything it was a bug made by the rail cannon

    1. XnInJaX


      You banned for bug nap, not for cheating. Just you how to jump to roof? I think it's bug or you cheating.

      And you banned for 1 hours! You can wait!

    2. Master Zomber

      Master Zomber

      I repeat on the fox map, the player Adam shot me with the modified shotgun, that is, the railgun and when the bullets from said weapon hit me, it made me fly very high and I ended up falling where you and Mihai were, It was not My intention, I have a lot of respect for the vips and I regret what happened was a mistake of the modified shotgun (Rail Cannon). Sorry for the inconvenience, it won't happen again.
    3. Master Zomber

      Master Zomber

      Repito en el mapa del zorro, el jugador Adam me disparó con la escopeta modificada, es decir, el cañón de riel y cuando las balas de dicha arma me golpearon, me hizo volar muy alto y acabé cayendo donde tú y Mihai estaban. No era Mi intención, tengo mucho respeto por los vips y lamento que lo que pasó fue un error de la escopeta modificada (Rail Cannon). Disculpe las molestias, no volverá a suceder.XninjaX hablas español es que me molesta mucho estar utilizando el traductor de google

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