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  1. Hello essa,


    I payed for ADMIN on ur server with bzy_sn name and u maked me VIP so I don't have acces on amx commands can u tell me why so ?

    1. essa


      Oh. Let me check. And fix

  2. I replied before. But I can't see my reply. Anyway. I watched just few minutes of the demo and u do use wh. So u can only buy unban.
  3. U play when ban expires. Ezpz
  4. https://www13.zippyshare.com/v/AlyCRHTt/file.html unban please i will lose my top1 ranking


    1. essa


      no unabn. u r using wh... 


  5. ah ok... second pic for perm ban.. anyway.. we need demo for sure..
  6. the ss says its one day ban due scripts.. and the ban u posted is permenant for wh.. so. dont u see anything not right here??
  7. and this ss for differnt ban.
  8. Hello ESSA.

    I wanted to tell you that my vip does not take the nick it has on, it is as if the vip does not exist. The nickname it has is [KZL]**NOOB-K&!!ER** I said to @MIXFIX but it doesn't respond and I wanted to tell you if you could change the nickname and give it a new one that would be [KZL]**excePtioN** please brother I haven't been able to use it for a month.

    my vip password is paz-1712-rincon in case you don't believe me.

    by the way the vip I got it by posting on the page mods.ovh and it sent me a message asking me for the nick and PW that would put the vip to activate it.

  9. Milan

    I cant report players so I tell you here viplay destroy my base and I said its my place but no he destroyed but im first on this place and he is destroyed 😕 he always destroy move objects gazuota banned him 1 hour because abuse admin ask him 🙂






    1. essa


      If u could drop a demo. Would be great. 

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