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  1. Essa I purchase 40k ammo pack 2 days ago, but i did not get it.


  2. RDX*

    essa i was banned for bazzoka bug for 1 hour but i still cant connect


  3. brother can I join your staff


    hi essa. I paid admin yesterday, and it didn't activate. please solve the problem. the payment was made on 20.09.2020 at 19.30. thank you

    1. El Play

      El Play

      Hi, if you have still problem, you better go on discord. There are online admins (essa too) which can solve your problem faster. 
      Discord: https://discord.gg/aV5JQv

  5. Contact pompaman on discord to help u out. And as ammos saved on steam ID. I would highly recommend you get steam cs. So u won't lose ammos again.
  6. Contact me on discord. For further help.
  7. Hello Essa, do you remember me? I played a long time ago on the hl2go servers with the name [CrC] Legend played with hideath, doom, bogota, it was to ask for the administrator position these last months and I have been an admin of a server and I have the knowledge of the commands and the rules and I would like to help the hl2go community to solve problems with hackers etc.

    1. maxogamer24


      el habla ingles amigo

    2. !TOXIC


      bueno esta en ingles


    3. maxogamer24


      bin, suerte bro

  8. Good Mr. Essa, first of all a cordial greeting and I thank you for having the compassion to undo me since I love the group, even though I only asked for ammo, but it is not the case, I would like to ask you how you get so much ammo? , I asked him a lot because it was difficult for me to obtain so much, I admire him, and I await his response
  9. Son!c

    essa. I was demoted to VIP :(. Can you make me Admin back...? I was demoted.. im so very sorry!
    Im waiting for your reply.

  10. Essa i lost 50k..... , I am not asking you to return them all to me but, with 10k I am happy, it was very hard to do all that and without vip, thank you

    1. essa


      Contact pompa. He's in charge for this issue

    2. D@NNY

      [email protected]

      Trust me, i tried..... but he just ignores me.  i love this community, but you must understand that i worked hard to get those ammo packs.... It already happened to several people as you can see

    3. D@NNY

      [email protected]


      I also have proof, I knew this would happen
  11. Contact pompaman in discord. He will fix things for u.
  12. essa bro buy me vip 30days plzzzz


  13. essa me regalas un vip Plis ❤️

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    2. |~L.K~|`^Camila^`
    3. |~L.K~|`^Camila^`


      I changed my computer my love pack disappeared everything I had What can you do for me? / I'm a vip MONSTER LOÇÇ
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