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  1. ur cs is hacked now.. u need to clean reg file and reinstal cs.. 

  2. waht  u were advertising?

    1. essa


      Give me ur game demo. Let me see what happened. 

  3. essa


    i have been checking u lately.. i told u i keep an eye on u.. and u use aim.. so.. drop the demo i requested here lets check closely..
  4. we manually give the ammos.. and we dont know when u play.. so as jack said.. join discord and tag red or greens when u play.. so some one come and give u ur ammos..
  5. '-'

    essaaa how are u?? 

    can you help me please...., i was banned from assault upc whitout reason for the admin Universal, the reason was cheating but it is a mistake. And just that


    1. essa


      ok go play

  6. سلام  عليكم  essa

    1. essa


      عليك السلام

  7. Essa please buy me vip 1 last time please brother 

  8. essa


    Dislodge?? Idk what u r trying to say. Just go play for now.
  9. essa


    unbanned.. and i hope i didnt do the wrong thing.. i will keep an eye on u though.. i hope u wont make me look stupid infront of other players..
  10. none cares..
  11. just few admins can unban.. not all.
  12. go to cstrike folder.. all demos and screen shots are saved ther.. or open couner strike folder.. then in the search bar type this .dem and u wll fins all demo files.. we need 3 screen shots was made with ban.. look for that too..
  13. essa

    UnBan plss

    give demo.. lets see how bad u were swearing.. quickly before ban expires..
  14. looks like u did bad.. anyway its one hour ban.. u can get drink by the time it be over..
  15. he used good to translate.. .. no need to worry, hes just one more guy with big moth and small pp ... . no harm at all ..
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