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  1. Be patient please, your vip be active as soos as administrators will have the time.
  2. killing essa is against the server rules,so yes u violated
  3. Freeman

    Unban now !!

    iam done with u long time ago.
  4. Freeman

    Unban now !!

  5. Banned, come discord and report there will be much quicker to get help. https://discord.gg/WWHjkfZB
  6. https://discord.gg/UAtteCB6 Join discord we will help you out
  7. https://discord.gg/R2xCDJHW Come discord for quicker response next time.
  8. Go in "services" and choose vip/admin/spec.admin and press buy
  9. Spongebob :Nobodycares:
  10. Remember, you are in everyone's view now if you do more shit you will be banned again permanently. Dont forget to kiss Lost Unbanned.
  11. Freeman

    Admin request

    you recconected to be CT again,i hope now u understand why u got banned
  12. Freeman

    Admin request

    your ban will be extended EJOY YOUR DAY
  13. This screenshot does not help us, next time provide demo
  14. Join discord, so you can report and get help much quicker https://discord.gg/DCVD7RXP
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