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  1. Freeman

    Admin request

    you recconected to be CT again,i hope now u understand why u got banned
  2. Freeman

    Admin request

    your ban will be extended EJOY YOUR DAY
  3. This screenshot does not help us, next time provide demo
  4. Join discord, so you can report and get help much quicker https://discord.gg/DCVD7RXP
  5. Place your demo,without it only solution is to pay for unban.
  6. come discord,it will be quicker https://discord.gg/ZK89eMyE
  7. did u done like this? After successful payment, you will need to wait from 1 to 24 hours until your order will be checked and activated.When you waiting, you can start game, open game console (button ~) and write in it your nick password with this command:setinfo _pw YourPassGoesHere!!!(after setinfo you need space setinfo(space)_pw(space)YourPassGoesHere)!!!
  8. Probably you write wrong password that's why server automatically kicks u out
  9. remind yourself what did u said to me yesterday in admin chat and left.
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