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  1. Join here https://disboard.org/server/346669715285999616 discord server and talk to administators
  2. Type in console Setinfo _pw "password" Copy from here and paste it in console Put your own password in place of (password)
  3. Did you set password in console? Type in console Setinfo _pw "put your password here"
  4. I banned 2 different aloneawp today Look like they shared pw with many players Inform administration to change his password.
  5. It says cheating Upload demo
  6. buy from here https://reg.hl2go.com/cs_admin_paypal.php
  7. Your vip is activated type in console setinfo _pw "password" put your password in place of password digite no console setinfo _pw "password"
  8. i can not see any map changing demo. all i can see is discussion in this demo. there is a word "common sense" always check recentmaps , nominations & timeleft then make a vote for change map we cant add everything on rules thats why there is command of recentmaps. there are many admins just want to play on their fav maps even that map recently played by players. this is totally unfair. and for /revive i dont need to explain it it is also common sense for what we use this command
  9. https://discord.gg/TnPdbsj Join discord for quick response
  10. Join here https://discord.gg/TnPdbsj And contact to administrators.
  11. I think you are saying you can not enter to the server. I checked ban list there is no ban on your nick. Try to connect to server again. If not then contact to administration. You can find them here (Reds are administrators). https://discord.gg/TnPdbsj
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