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  1. Jack please unban me in discord I don't  create any account

    1. Black shadow

      Black shadow

      Me Heart attack please unban me in discord I don't create any account

  2. He is banned plus his admin removed Thanks for reporting
  3. https://discord.gg/93fV3P6S join here
  4. You are banned for cheating . Upload demo
  5. We already know the issue And we are working on it. It will take some time.
  6. your admin is activated all you need to do it type setinfo _pw "Yourpassword" in game-console then connect to server. join here for quick response https://discord.gg/tBJWsPhA
  7. JACK give me accont XninjaX pliz


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    2. !?FrEaCK?!


      Also you have been explained on Discord why you have ban.
      You have to buy unban like I told you before.



    3. XGhostX


      what ?

    4. XGhostX


      my friend what do yuo mean

  8. Ban details Nickname *Ghost*: SteamID VALVE_6:0:699853293 Steam Community ID 76561199359972314 IP address hidden Ban type SteamID and/or IP Reason nik zebi ta3k mother insult Invoked on 29. Jan 2021 - 21:40:32 Ban length Permanent Expires on Not applicable Banned by {SY} Hamza ({SY} Hamza) Admin's SteamID hidden Banned on HL2GO.COM - Zombie Plague MEGA [EU] (zm_ice_attack5) Trackback http://bans.hl2go.com/ban_list.php?bid=1726 Cuz you have active ban. buy unban from here : https://reg.hl2go.com/cs_unban.php
  9. Lost said you are unbanned
  10. Join here https://disboard.org/server/346669715285999616 discord server and talk to administators
  11. Type in console Setinfo _pw "password" Copy from here and paste it in console Put your own password in place of (password)
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