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  1. Simple. Don't use cheats anymore, is that even really a hard thing to do? Anyways, you won't buy anybody with that story buddy, and I'm Universal btw, you can say whatever you want, but without a demo, your claims will always remain invalid.
  2. I'm just gonna avoid your childish accusations and say, no demo, no unban. We all already know these fake ass stories and yours won't be taking in consideration (perhaps if you check stats page we can see who killed each other the most, me ofc). The only way you can get unbanned, is by buying it on services section. Cheers
  3. Clean. Wait for a superior admin to approve your unban request. Cheers! Limpio. Espera a un administrador superior para aprobar tu apelación. Saludos!
  4. No need, you could have done that way before when you first got banned by me, now you have evaded so many bans that it won't be necessary for you to upload a demo. Only way to get your ban removed, is to buy an unban service, on services section. Cheers.
  5. ArTicC´ liGhts~


    It is uncertain still. But, honestly, I do think he is saying the truth. Maybe it's just his awful net, that makes it look like he has aimbot, but he doesn't. Anyways, since I also come from a bad economical situation, I know it's truly not easy for us, I believe what he says... So I'd just unban him for good sake.
  6. ArTicC´ liGhts~


    Heaven, you can clearly see that the player from the video he sent, is called "mart", so, in short terms, that's not him. He just wanted to report another player. Let's just wait for the others to see what they think about this.
  7. ArTicC´ liGhts~


    Doesn't it looks fishy aswell? I don't know if you're playing with us, or you're being brutally honest, but just a look at the vid I posted above. Looks like aimbot, or not? Anyways, let's see what essa has to say about this.
  8. I can only see the ban info, the other file has nothing to do with a ban appeal. Remember, the file that you need to upload, is located in csstrike folder, and it's called "hl2go_dust2only.dem". It is automatically recorded so, it should appear on your game files.
  9. It's not a photo, it's a .dem file. When you find it, upload it on zippyshare.com and post the link in here.
  10. Gracias por tus palabras, Darío, soy UnIvErSaL. El admin que te ha baneado, fue .[mousegaming] Sikh Flode Para que te saquen el ban, tienes que publicar la información de tu ban, y el demo, que se encuentra en la carpeta de csstrike (hl2go_dust2only.dem). Saludos! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for your kind words, Dario, I'm UnIvErSaL. The admin who has banned you, was .[mousegaming] Sikh Flode In order to get your ban removed, you have to upload your ban information, and upload your demo aswell, which can be found in csstrike folder (hl2go_dust2only.dem). Cheers!
  11. Thank you for your kind words. I may ban one guy or two sometimes wrongly, so, I would like you to post your ban info, and aswell upload your demo so we can check if you're clean. Cheers
  12. Of course, you can buy unban for $3.00. Cheers.
  13. First of all, you got banned for an hour, for constantly using abusive words towards me, and accusing me of using cheats. Luckily for you, my console didn't save the chat, but I'm pretty sure that you still have the demo, perhaps you may want to upload it so we can check what exactly you said. Second, since lots of people think that I'm using hacks, scripts and stuff, here: https://www70.zippyshare.com/v/JWweL0Qh/file.html This time, ban was for a short period of time. But, be careful, I don't tolerate these types of behaviour, so next time it will be longer. As soon as you start acting like a decent person, we will have no problems. Cheers!
  14. En primer lugar, ese tal "essa" del que hablas, es uno de los dueños del servidor. Segundo, la razón del ban, fue porque, o uno, usaste palabras provocantes, o dos, lo insultaste de alguna manera. Esas conductas no son aceptadas. Tercero, esos "200 de vida que gana" es por el simple hecho de ser VIP, por ende, recibe esos privilegios, como cualquier otro VIP, solo que como él es el dueño, pues obviamente puede hacer lo que le plazca. No usa trucos. Si tuvieras Steam, te darías cuenta. Y por último, puedes tragarte todas tus amenazas, HL2GO seguirá siendo HL2GO, tampoco nos importa si eres un boomer del cs 1.6, tanta experiencia y tan poco cerebro al parecer. Así que ya sabes, te puedes largar con tus amenazas a otro lado. Que tengas un buen día
  15. Thanks for the information... I guess We don't have an "admin apply" section, but hey, a discord invitation link to our server is the best that I can offer, so you can call admins anytime, anyday you want, in a 24/7 basis. Good luck and have a good day https://discord.gg/7zfCpfR
  16. Necesitas tanto el demo como la información del ban. La encontrarás en la seccion de "Bans"
  17. Pues me temo que sin el demo, no hay manera de revocarte el ban. Lo sentimos. La única opción que te queda, es comprar el "Unban" que cuesta aproximadamente, 4 dólares. Que tenga un buen día!
  18. Siga el procedimiento para hacer un unban appeal. Sube el info de tu ban, acompañado del archivo .dem (que en este caso sería hl2go_assaultonly.dem).
  19. Didn't know he got banned before, I would have given him a longer ban, as I thought that he was new, but anyways, if he doesn't follows the proccedure next, then you know what will come after that.
  20. I already punished him for an hour, if he decides to abuse again, you can give him a longer ban. Viplay, I'd suggest you to read rules concerning BaseBuilder server, before commiting any dumb action or mistake again. Cheers.
  21. Thanks for reporting him, and for following the correct proccedures. He is kinda new, so I will have to warn him first, then he should be able to read and learn the rules properly, and apply them, wisely. Cheers!
  22. Clean, wait for a superior admin to unban you. Cheers!
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