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  1. Cuando me activan el VIP?...


    1. ArTicC´ liGhts~

      ArTicC´ liGhts~

      Se activará de entre 1 a 24 horas. O simplemente, puedes unirte a nuestro server de discord y hablar con el dueño. Te lo activará lo más rápido posible, solo tienes que mostrarle una foto del pago. Un saludo!


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  2. How can I report a player using cheats?

    1. ArTicC´ liGhts~

      ArTicC´ liGhts~

      1. Go to Report Players/Admins section

      2. Create a new topic.

      3. Post the nickname of the player

      4. Type which kind of cheats or scripts that player has.

      5. Upload the proof (demo, videos, screenshots, etc...).




      For an easier way, you can join our discord server and report the player from there. Admins will come ASAP.



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