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  1. Can you provide any evidence? Demo? Screenshots? Puedes proporcionar algún tipo de evidencia? Demo? Capturas de pantalla?
  2. Seems like you're banned from our discord server
  3. Greetings Yenire, it is a pleasure for us to have people who would like to contribute for this community, so thank you for your suggestions and ideas You may want to join our discord server, so you can have a closer feedback with the community managers and other important roles. https://discord.gg/jZwYRQa Have a nice day!
  4. Thanks for reporting, we've been aware of the situation, and the sanction has already been applied to Kreewz.
  5. Be careful not to join random internet servers, these ones do intend to fuck up your config files, and whenever you press a random key, it will make a change in your game (nickname changed, randomnly join a server, etc...).
  6. Reason was clear enough. Advertise other servers = permanent ban. Good luck with the ads ^^
  7. Upload it on www.zippyshare.com and post the link here.
  8. "I saw an unicorn today, can you please believe me?" Post the demo.
  9. Unbanned. Estás limpio, parece que te juzgué demasiado rápido. Mis sinceras disculpas. Ya removí el ban. Que tengas un buen día!
  10. No... not this one. The file you're looking for, is called "hl2go_dust2only.dem" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No... este no es. El archivo el cual estás buscando se llama "hl2go_dust2only.dem"
  11. If that didn't work, check out this video --------------------------------------------------------------- Si ese video no te sirvió, prueba con este
  12. That's not the .dem file (and the file you uploaded is private) Please follow the correct ban appeal proccedure, and share your ban info with the demo file, which is located in the "csstrike" folder with the name "hl2go_dust2only.dem". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ese no es el archivo .dem (y el archivo que subiste es privado) Por favor sigue los pasos correctos para hacer una apelación del ban, comparte la información del ban junto al archivo .dem, que se localiza en la carpeta "csstrike" con el nombre "hl2go_dust2only.dem".
  13. Pero dejar el cerebro fundido de que?? JAJAJA, solo me mataste una sola vez menor, deja el show compa, ni con hacks se acerca a mi nivel, pobreton que tiene que usar programas para llegar a mis talones (y ni así puede). Tremenda lástima que das compita. Que te vaya bien en tu otro server, ojalá y no te detecten el hack!
  14. Simple. Don't use cheats anymore, is that even really a hard thing to do? Anyways, you won't buy anybody with that story buddy, and I'm Universal btw, you can say whatever you want, but without a demo, your claims will always remain invalid.
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