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  1. Join discord server for quick response https://discord.gg/7Vxn2z
  2. Join discord server for quick response https://discord.gg/mfjA2z
  3. everyone who shoots through the wall is not wallhack JUST FOR INFO. i played with this guy in assault and he’s good thanks
  4. Ohhh man essa again. He’s a noob and ban everyone without reason we have to report him to the administrator
  5. عطي وحدة من هي بس هل مرة من عندي
  6. وين بسامو كيفك؟ 


    وين ما عاد شفناك من اول رمضان! نشالله صحتك والأهل بخير 

    دير بالك ع حالك 🙏🏻

  7. انت ركزلي ع الفصحى حبيبنا بسام
  8. write me on discord and I'll give you Jaguar's number
  9. لماذا قمت بحظره يا عيسى بمزح منقلع من حالي
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