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  1. Now here is my demo, go watch it. Keep calling me a "Retard" in game, let's see where you will get with that. Now watch my demo, and shut the fuck up. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ehbii25ibmeg7ba/hl2go_dust2_dm.dem/file
  2. Fuck you! Ban removed, if you do that stupid shit again, going to spec to check for my location, I will not unban you next time, fuck you and have a nice fucking evening !!
  3. Fuck you one more time, for going spec to check for my location, then joining and instantly killing me with your bullshit, fuck you forever !!!
  4. so fuck you then, going to spec to find out where I am, fuck you, That's why I knew it that there is no way for you to know my location, fuck you
  5. I'm not going to watch your stupidity, you just joined and already knew my location, and knowing where I was, you must have some extraordinary psychic abilities, and guess what, I don't belive in that
  6. join here
  7. ban removed, come to dd2 EU server now, let me give you the IP address , if you don't join in 5 minutes you will be banned permanet from here
  8. Okay, now because of shit talk, I will unban you, come to dd2 EU to show me your shitty skills not in the CA server, if you can't scrap me, the ban will be permanent. If you don't come to dd2 EU server, I will ban you and I will refund the server !
  9. yes I have, 100 ping, and you less than 10 ping, and you're not a pro players at all. Next ban will be permanent ban, and I will recover the money to the server, if you want to you can leave now,
  10. I was a bit suspicious that you were using wall cheat, and as I soon went to spectatute you, you immediately left the server. I can't opne Zippyshare, upload it to mediafire
  11. No, I banned you because you knew Where I was all the time, I want to see that you're clean
  12. Wait for someone to check your demo, like I said I can't open zippyshare
  13. I can't open zippyshare, who can will check your demo and if clean you will get unbanned
  14. pandinhaumentaosom, where is your demo ?? All I see are just some empty words ?? Show me your Wall hack ? ?? Post the demo please !
  15. Soft Head

    Unban New

    Join here==== > https://discord.gg/xsD8DGjc
  16. you are not in the ban list, I can't see you, I think that someone unbanned you already. Join here for faster responses in the future ===> https://discord.gg/2CYUveSE
  17. Join HL2go discord channel, if you see him again just message here for faster response ==> https://discord.gg/GcRUg4uF
  18. After the 2 minutes building time is over, moving blocks it is not allowed! During preparation time it is not allowed as well.
  19. La la la laaaalaaaa laaaalaaaa aa. English !!! we don't understand La la la laaaaaaaa
  20. https://reg.hl2go.com/cs.php
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