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  1. No, I banned you because you knew Where I was all the time, I want to see that you're clean
  2. Wait for someone to check your demo, like I said I can't open zippyshare
  3. I can't open zippyshare, who can will check your demo and if clean you will get unbanned
  4. Soft se me fueron 42 k aquí en le digo para que me los debuelba?


  5. pandinhaumentaosom, where is your demo ?? All I see are just some empty words ?? Show me your Wall hack ?? Post the demo please !
  6. Soft Head

    Unban New

    Join here==== > https://discord.gg/xsD8DGjc
  7. you are not in the ban list, I can't see you, I think that someone unbanned you already. Join here for faster responses in the future ===> https://discord.gg/2CYUveSE
  8. Join HL2go discord channel, if you see him again just message here for faster response ==> https://discord.gg/GcRUg4uF
  9. After the 2 minutes building time is over, moving blocks it is not allowed! During preparation time it is not allowed as well.
  10. Soft Head I purchase 40k ammo pack 2 days ago, but i did not get it. Please activate!

    Nick: XninjaX

    Sorry, I used Google translate.


  11. La la la laaaalaaaa laaaalaaaa aa. English !!! we don't understand La la la laaaaaaaa
  12. https://reg.hl2go.com/cs.php
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