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  1. https://reg.hl2go.com/cs.php
  2. I will unban you, if you use nicknames that advertise different servers, the ban will stay this time forever
  3. man, post evidence, by saying this and that, no one will take action without proof
  4. post screenshots, till some admin see them using insults, they will have to play with you
  5. your demo is literally 2 seconds, if you don't upload the full demo, ban be will extended to permanent
  6. yo, rubbish guy, it looks like that you have more skills with the mouth instead of showing us what are your skills in game, you just chat shit. Use that mouth properly and you will make fortune.
  7. English !!! La, lala blaodsdaw dalpda aalda addalap-dla ad,al. DO YOU UNDERSTAND something now ?:? Al dspadadl ap-dff,lsopfwe
  8. Thanks, but do not invite 

  9. What do you mean by that, you don't need to upload demo and make a proper ban appeal? What kind of nasty behaviour is that, mate stay banned then. What a nasty generation of kids, tell your parents that they must teach you manners.
  10. You are clearly using cheats, stop posting here you lame punk, stop spamming the forum, you will not get an unban !!!
  11. Soft Head


    you share your password for your account, wait for essa, either to remove your vip, or to change your password, I don't know which one he will choose to do.
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