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  1. Soft Head


    you share your password for your account, wait for essa, either to remove your vip, or to change your password, I don't know which one he will choose to do.
  2. pls unban me bro pls

  3. Ok, I will follow up your feedback and when I see myself online, I will take action against me, don't worry.
  4. Any way you are unbanned, because you're still new, if you consider to take any actions, ask someone first, do not abuse admin rights. Warning has been served!
  5. I did nothing wrong, Lm in the air inside a tunnel, Lm in the air inside the tunnel is allowed, get some experience, the laser mines are there for the zombies to destroy, the mines are not there to make their life easy. You don't have experience so far, in the future, better ask someone with more experience if you're allowed to place a ban.
  6. You have the wrong impression that you're in a position to give me any warnings.
  7. For your reference it is not a bug, I know what I am doing, I'm not like you.
  8. By the way sorry for the harsh ban, I had a bad day, and pissed me really bad, when you slay me for no reason. I asked one of the head admins to reduce your ban time. You need to learn first how to play in Zombie plague server, I didn't place incorectly the laser mine.
  9. Ok, I never give free bans ! First of all read the rules before playing in any of the servers, each server has his own rules. Read them, it is good for you ! You sly me for no reason on plague mode, you're new and you're abusing your powers already. I was using a different steam account. Nice to meet you as well. Our first encounter, what a lovely meeting.
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