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  1. its all good , 10 mins left for ban and it will expire.. i'll come tommorow and play in your deathrun server i hope this admin comes tommorow again and ill send the whole demo if he bans me cuz its not fair and true ban ?
  2. Thanks for the fast reply. He banned me , then i tried to join couple of times so i guess the demo got overwritten or something.. Anyway here's the last demo : https://www.sendspace.com/file/s09hhs
  3. You see dude , this community got some Retarded admins for real.. i got banned cuz some player accussed me of cheating and apparaently he convicned the admin and the admin beleived him and then banned me ?
  4. False ban here and lack of experience as i see from one of your admins called "new jesus leon" , Some player was earlier accusing me of hacking and asking me what "HNS hack " i have , but i told him i dont have any .. and i really dont hahah , im an admin in clarion deathrun server , been playing deathrun for a long long time i also got a youtube channel called PoGdAb u can go check it .. and then this guy comes and bans me for this fake reason he even banned me 1 hour only , why not permenent ? cuz he knows he's wrong lol .. here's the reason he banned me with : " HNS Hacking, Cheater, Auto Long jumps." I just hope u guys atleast give him a warning and to teach him more skills to be a real admin and to ban real cheaters :D My steam id : STEAM_0:0:442796142
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