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  1. He says he is well liked on the server and they just lick his eggs. Talking with former users, many left for the same reason as me (The toxicity and abuse by some) I get out of here. When HL2GO runs out of users blame that toxic garbage. RAT BOY GOOD BYE
  2. I want to report to "MY GUY" He keeps insulting the server. He gets mad because I didn't want to team up with him. I am silent on the server because I told him I was going to report it since he had bought me "survivor" I claim him and he silences me when I am about to buy a mine. We argue on Discord's server and I'm kicked out. I do not know if it is the favorite of the admins but if it is not sanctioned I will leave the server again! I do not like this type of abuse and less of that rat child who does not control his emotions! Evidence : FOR DISCORD I can't upload images
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