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  1. just saw your assauly vid. no kidding your graphics are old haha

    1. My Guy

      My Guy

      Haha yes res set to 720x480 I believe. It's how I like to play, I do often consider making the change though.

  2. can Admin please come into the assauly server?Deivisrz is walling and has aimbot and he snto even trying to hide it.

  3. No, he is right. Minecraft is a power hungry vip. He thinks anyone who is sorta good is a hacker. Ive seen him give out bans for no reason, meanwhile we play with other admins like MnMG or Jaguar or Sabien (i think thats how you spell it) and no one ever has a problem with the people Minecraft has. He complains constantly about nades after 30 secs. (its really a 15 sec buy) but he gave me a short ban for killing him with 3 nades.
  4. Mincraft is in there now. he literally just banned me because I bough 3 nades and killed him. He bans dreamsville because Minecraft is trash and thinks everyone that is SORTA good is hacking. meanwhile we've all played together with other admins/vips and no one ever complains.
  5. What are the rules of the 24/7 Assault UPC server? And what are the limitations on the VIPS in abusing their authority?
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