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  1. Hi why I get banned always don't understand I don't cheat and when I check why I begin banned is says recoil what is this I have downloaded new cs and still get  banned for this can someone help

    1. Soft Head
    2. DIMA LTU

      DIMA LTU

      yo dude, im out of here , so please join discord group and talk with moderators.

    3. XnInJaX


      bye dima dude..

  2. Hi.i hope you can help me I have banned from one of you sarvars today with no warning and no explanation ? It's any change you can unban thanks in advance.i have delete my Cs 1.6 and download new one if this was the issue.

    1. becken


      Kardeşim benim. 
      heryerde beraberiz sana bisei olmasına. İzin vermem..

      bu domuzlara inat hepsini yenicez 

      bu arada inşallah bann kaldırırlar 

      cok istiyorum seninle beraber oynamayı... 

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