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  1. 1. Player nickname: D-HB2. Their SteamID: STEAM_0:1:4276986544. What did they do: I was a terrorist, he was a CT. He kicked me because I would got him on the back. That is very weird argument when you play on a deathmatch and anybody can kill you on your back. But the real reason is that he was a CT camping in B behind the boxes on the back with an AWP, killing any terrorists that would come through the tunnel.. and I succeeded in killing him by going in B from the middle doors (where CT spawn is) and going up to B and killing him by surprised. He warned me that he would ban me (which I did not take seriously) and I told him to stop camping... which he did not do. So when I could go back in B by CT spawn, I managed to kill him and he kicked me. 5. When did it happen? It happen something like 30-45min before this post.6. Demo: Unfortunately, I had to go back in the server to get his steam ID and it recorded a new demo on top of the demo when he kicked me so I have no way to share the demo when this happen :/ Next time I'll be vigilant with that. 7. Server it happened in: HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2 CSDM I enjoy playing on this server and I hope to continue. But I don't like being kicked for no reason by an abusive admin. Thank you, and thank you for allowing players playing on your pretty nice servers! Cheers, Emkill
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