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  1. bro u buyu me hl2go vip

  2. hi thanks you for contacting he did free banned you i will solve it and get you unbanned thanks
  3. I know you long time i also spec you before you were clean not sure why ban made for you.
  4. hi join for fast respond to our discord group you can tag the admins there https://discord.gg/9PcXzdf
  5. upload proof we deal no proof nothing will happen
  6. no demo no unban plus you already know you were banned and ban evade over again i already banned you also plus i saw you in deathrun ban evading again so you have to buy it for 3usd also if you even uploaded ur demo we dont know which one is real one only option is to buy unban
  7. no demo no action and yes if he bought t virus to kill you thats allowed unless if its in nemesis round thats different story
  8. if you are none steam you lose your ammoss i know you have ammoss i leave the owners to decided were to give it to you or not
  9. i would like somone to check his demo because i saw he has no recoil on that demo for sure
  10. ok you are unbanned go play
  11. hi the server had problem i saw your screen shaking so i through you had jedi hack i get you unbanned i will also check who did i banned from the list i will unban them also
  12. well this is not right ban appeals 1st demo 2nd ban details 3rd then it will be decided were you gonna get unbanned or not thnx
  13. heavenz


    i looked on the video is and is not clean dude you didnt even aim the guy head and still headshoot again nice aim assist
  14. heavenz


    Good afternoon. I am writing because today the server administrator pays and I have not installed it on my counter strike. Let's see if they could help me with advice to use it. Thank you
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