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  1. we have mods.ovh for that, join ?
  2. try download again and install.
  3. https://reg.hl2go.com/cs_paypal_unban.php ? ? ?
  4. Hi! Finally fixed HLDM server bans system and added admin access. So from now all who have Admin/VIP/Specadmin services in CS 1.6 Servers, also will have these services in HLDM server! Have good game and protect server from cheaters! P.S. better not use amx_banmenu or orher menus, because in HL you can select only 1-5 numbers in menu. Better use direct amx_ban amx_kick and etc. cs4.hl2go.com:27015
  5. Hello! So as all we know, that more than half of our community players is from North America. To reduce PING for them we created Duplicated Zombie Plague Mega and Dust2 only servers in Canada Have a good game with less latency ? ip: csca.hl2go.com:27015 ip: csca.hl2go.com:27016
  6. Hi! From now you can order VIP services by SMS message! Check it here: https://reg.hl2go.com/cs_vip_fortumo.php (Countries list will be extended) And other new is that again opened Jailbreak and Deathrun servers Check IP's here: https://hl2go.com/servers/
  7. WTF??? this is forums category??
  8. Hi, if u wanna to see other forums categories, just suggest it here. we will create them ?
  9. 1. When you get banned, copy all info from your console here. 2. Go to your cstrike folder and find here hl2go_*.dem and .*bmp 3 files first hl2go_*.dem is your demo file and other 3 *.bmp files is screenshots which was done automatically when you get banned. 3. Make zip/rar archive, put there your demo and 3 screenshots and upload it to www.zippyshare.com or use this forum Attachments. 4. paste uploaded file link here. My ban appeal example: ------------------------------------- ||| You are banned ||| Nick: MiXFiX ||| IP: ||| SteamID: STEAM_0:1:33549881 ||| By admin: MiXFiX ||| Reason: test ||| Ban created: 16.08.2017 - 22:17:22 ||| For length: 1 minute ||| On: HL2GO.COM - Zombie Plague MEGA [24/7] (a_zm_4_towers) ||| Time left: 1 minute ||| Will expire: 16.08.2017 - 22:18:22 ||| For Unban Appeal: hl2go.com Demo: http://zippyshare.com/demo.rar
  10. When an admin or a player does not comply with the rules (established here: https://hl2go.com/articles/hl2go/rules-r2/) and you wish to report them, to make this as easy as I can for you and for us when reviewing the case, I will put up a little list of things we need. If you were banned by an admin and you think that the ban was unfair, please follow it up at the bans appeals forum instead: https://hl2go.com/forum/7-bans-appeals/ First, you would need to open a new thread and in it, fill in this little list with the necessary details: 1. Player nickname: 2. Their SteamID: (you can get a player's steamID by typing "status" in console while you are in the server and getting it from there) 3. Link to player in stats page: (when you have copied the steamID of the player, you can search for them in the stats page and verify if this is their stats profile; stats page: https://stats.hl2go.com/hlstats.php) 4. What did they do: 5. When did it happen? (for example, 2 hours before writing this post - idea is that if necessary we can also check server logs when knowing the time) 6. Demo: (Demo - the most commonly used method, hl2go have an automatic demo recorder, thus, you can easily find the demo in your cstrike folder, more info on that below, afterwards you upload it to a file-sharing website so we can download it and watch it) 7. Server it happened in: Demo finding instructions: I. Steam CS 1. Open Steam 2. Click on Library (Image 1) 3. Then, click on Games (Image 1) 4. Then, select Counter-Strike from the list of games you own (Image 1) 5. Right-click on Counter-Strike (Image 2) 6. Select "Properties" (Image 2) 7. You will get a new window open up, click on "Local Files" (Image 3) 8. Then, select "Browse Local Files" (Image 3) 9. Your CS installation folder will come up on screen (Image 4) 10. Open folder "cstrike" (Image 4) 11. Now, you are looking for the demo, in our case, demo name begins with "hl2go", thus you would need to find files whose name starts with that and followed by the name of the server (Image 5) II. Non-Steam CS 1. Right-click Counter-Strike shortcut on desktop (Image 6) /Windows 7/ 2. Select "Open File Location" (Image 6) /Windows 7/ 2.1. If you have a different version of windows, simply go to where you installed CS in the first place if the 2 steps above don't work for you. 3. Open folder "cstrike" (Image 7) 4. Now, you are looking for the demo, in our case, demo name begins with "hl2go", thus you would need to find files whose name starts with that and followed by the name of the server (Image 5) Demo uploading instructions: 1. Once you have found the demo (steps above), you need to upload it, the website for the most part doesn't matter, but here are a few examples of file sharing websites (in no particular order): 1.1. For most countries: https://zippyshare.com/ 1.2. For bulgarian users: https://dox.abv.bg/ 1.3. A rather popular one: https://www.mediafire.com/ 1.4. Or Uncle Google's Drive: https://www.google.com/intl/en-GB/drive/ 1.5. And another one: https://www.4shared.com/ 1.6. Or... any other file-sharing website, as long as the download speed the website provides is not slow or behind a pay wall. 2. I will use zippyshare to show how to upload, other websites are very similar to that. 2.1. Zippyshare.com 2.1.1. Click on "Browse" (Image 8 ) 2.1.2. Find the demo and then select it, depending on which server it happened in, using zombiemega as example here (Image 9) 2.1.3. Click on "Start Upload" (Image 10) 2.1.4. Copy the link provided, this link is the download link we need so we can download and watch the demo (Image 11) 2.1.5. Paste the link in your report thread
  11. Admin


    General rules: 1. Do not use restricted measures (cheats); 2. Do not swear and insult other players; 3. Respect server admins and VIP's; 4. Report players to admins who do not follow the rules; 5. If you see any bugs in the server, report them to the administration; 6. Do not shout, prevent music through the microphone; 7. Do not advertise other servers, projects; 8. Player nicknames must not have any obscene words. Admins rules: 1. Admins (except Administrators and Cancellieres) cannot BAN another specadmin, admin or VIP. If another admin breaks the rules, please report him in hl2go forum or our discord server; 2. Comply with the general rules; 3. Before banning player make sure it‘s worth it; 4. Do not change the map before the end of 15 minutes from the beginning; 5. Do not change the maps in its sole discretion, it is necessary to make the vote such as: (amx_votemap de_dust2 de_inferno cs_assault); 6. Do not change the map at the request of any player, if requested by a majority vote to do; 7. Do not do nonsense vote like: (amx_vote or_a_good_weather_today? Yes No); 8. Do not abuse admin chat and do not swear in it; 9. Do not advertise other servers, projects; 10. Do not change the map server, which is only one map. (Only dust2). VIP's rules: 1. Comply with the general rules. 2. Do not to abuse VIP privilegies 3. Do not abuse admin chat and do not swear in it. 4. Do not advertise other servers, projects. BB server Rules for Admins, VIP's and players: 1. Max players per layer – 1; 2. Max players per every other base – 3; 3. Base with 1 entrance – 3 humans; 4. Base with 2 entrance – 6 humans; 5. Base with 3 entrance – 9 humans; 6. Slow tunnels are not allowed; 7. No Kill for the zombie(s) and human(s) is not allowed, punishment - slay; 8. Unstuck base is not allowed if less than two zombies online; 9. Zombies must chase humans; 10. Zombies who hide during Battle Phase will be transferred to the Zombie Team next round; 11. Do not put your blocks into zombies base, don't block zombies base doors; 12. Admin who see blocked zombies base doors need to immediately unblock doors, that zombies would be free to come out of their bases; 13. At the end of the build time admins do not have to move the blocks without reason, for example: an attempt to defend themselves from zombies; 14. Players are not allowed to steal other players already touched blocks; 15. Do not put blocks out of the map, that no one can take it; 16. Admin seeing that a player does not comply with the rules, the player need to be punished (ban or bb_buildban command); 17. Players or admins who saw that one of the admins or VIP's makes nonsense, trying to specifically disturb the game need to immediately inform the administration of the project (would be good to have proof such as: demo screenshoot); 18. Admin seeing that another admin does not comply with the rules, immediately notify the administration, and to punish the admin; 19. Reconnecting to server to avoid death or play CT again is not allowed; 20. No reconnect to avoid death. Rules for ZM servers: 1. Firing bazooka before countdown ends or after T-virus is forbidden; 2. VIP's/admins are forbidden to farm ammo with antigun; 3. Using T-virus in nemesis round is forbidden; 4. Reconnecting to server is only allowed in modes such as normal, swarm . Reconnecting in all other modes results in an one hour punishment ban. If repeated up to 12 hours; 5. Using LM for annoying stuffs such as blasting players , stucking leads to 3 hours ban; 6. Using T-virus before countdown , which insists of 10 seconds is not allowed; 7. Using admin chat for non-VIP's is only allowed in case of violating server rules/ harassing other players; 8. No reconnect to avoid death. Rules for Assault server: 1. No camp at hostage room, vent or CT roof; 2. Do mission; 3. Admins can slay/kick after warning if player does not follow rules. Ban 5 min first time offense, then 30 and so on if necessary; 4. No grenade spam; 5. No switching player's teams (Admins must comply) - in respect to PTB. Rules for Inferno: 1. No camp at spawn or around spawn; 2. Do Mission; 3. If players don't follow rules Admins can slay/kick after warning. Ban 5 min first time offense, then 30 and so on if necessary; 4. No grenade spam; 5. No switching player's teams (Admins must comply) - in respect to PTB. Rules for Dust2 server: 1. No camp at or around spawn after 50 sec.; 2. Do mission; 3. If players don't follow rules Admins can slay/kick after warning. Ban 5 min first time offense, then 30 and so on if necessary. 4. No grenade spam; 5. No switching player's teams (Admins must comply) - in respect to PTB. Ban Reasons and Time Exclamation: ***maximum duration of the prohibition that can BAN or GAG someone! ‣ Cheating = Ban Permanently; ‣ Laming/ Troublemaker/ FLOOD = 60 Min; ‣ Bug / Map Bug = 30 Min or 60 Min; ‣ Insults / Swearing = 1hour or 3h 20Min or gag 10 Min or 30 Min; ‣ Advertising = 1 day; ‣ Insults in nickname = 30 Min - 1 hour Max; ‣ Blocking players =30 Min; ‣ Bad sprays (inappropriate) = 30 Min; ‣ Music or say nonsense by microphone = gag 10 Min to 30 Min; ‣ The player talks or invites suspicious things = Ban 1 week or Permanently; ‣ Placing LM incorrectly (blocking) = 30 Min; ‣ Bug Map = 30 Min; ‣ Bug bazooka when the round starts = 30 Min; ‣ Block player = 30 Min; ‣ Reconnecting to server to avoid death = 1 hour, if repeated up to 12 hours. This link will lead you to buy a privilege: https://reg.hl2go.com/cs.php IMPORTANT!!! Before buying a privilege you are supposed to check and read our RULES. Can find it above! Due to privilege abuse or our community rules break you can be demoted or banned.
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