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  1. Hello Admin, im banned of the discord group and i dont know why, and the other problem is that i cant login in the zombie plague server, i dont know if im banned of the server, and i bought an admin service few days but i cant login.


    1. Oplia.^


      U can see if u banned by opening console and perhaps u need to enter password example ----> setinfo _pw (your password)

    2. Krixoma


      I've done everything you tell me but I still can't log in, it's as if my account had been disabled
  2. you have been disconnected from the server Reason kicked: " You have no entry to the server..."

    all servers



      If u bought VIP/admin 

      U have to type 

      setinfo _pw "yourpassword"

      In console

      Then join server

  3. admin, I did not swear to anyone ..! JACK_HAMMER has banned me .. I want it to be reviewed .. I'll be glad if you can help

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    2. DIMA LTU

      DIMA LTU

      What a lier 

    3. becken


      Did I tell you that? ??

    4. DIMA LTU

      DIMA LTU

      If you have tell this to me, you already would disappear from everywhere.

      you got reported , with evidence.

      now wait till your punishment expires.

  4. Hi.i hope you can help me I have banned from one of you sarvars today with no warning and no explanation ? It's any change you can unban thanks in advance.i have delete my Cs 1.6 and download new one if this was the issue.

    1. becken


      Kardeşim benim. 
      heryerde beraberiz sana bisei olmasına. İzin vermem..

      bu domuzlara inat hepsini yenicez 

      bu arada inşallah bann kaldırırlar 

      cok istiyorum seninle beraber oynamayı... 

  5. I'm sorry about the admin bad bes, will you remove my banning that will never happen again?

    1. essa


      i will forgive u this time.. next time u do shit or give stupid bans.. u will no longer be needed as admin.. 

    2. becken


      Okey thank you ..

      I want to ask biseiy why did you ban my friend when there was nothing? 
      can you explain


  6. we have mods.ovh for that, join
  7. Aj*

    hi, i was purchased cs vip (https://reg.hl2go.com/cs.php) . when my services will start 

    1. Sershant


      its activated already 

      Aj 2021-02-01 VIP

    под моим ником на сервере base Builder играл человек с ником [UMBRELLA] ProBuilder и сломал базу, когда я зашел на свой ник, меня забанили без доказательств того, что я сломал базу ... Справка

    1. Sershant


      здаров, я поповоду твоего бана вижу все таки ты говориш правду так как я проверил статистику игроков но лучше вдругой раз кинька сюда демку потомучто мало кто будет верить твоим словам разбанен!

    2. 7Fire331


      how to be a vip or admin?


    3. Sershant
  9. hi
    you is Owner in Hl2go?
    I am a map creator, all the information is in the forum, look for me as Yenire [R]
    the map was for ugc but they didn't accept me, well a friend told me that hl2go was looking for a map maker
  10. try download again and install.
  11. Hi
    I paid for the new private admin but I haven't gotten any results yet. Can you see?

  12. Hello admin? Can you make me Admin now please. I was demoted to VIP by some HEADS. Admin please make me Admin.. i was demoted to VIP :(. Hope you reply.. I wait for your reply


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    2. Son!c


      Shut up DIMA no one asked for your opinion. I only asked to Admin not you


    3. DIMA LTU

      DIMA LTU

      Do i should ban you again for your disrespect ?

    4. Son!c
  13. friend could you donate me admin already went know how to deal please

  14. bro plzzzz give me vip 30 days


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