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    под моим ником на сервере base Builder играл человек с ником [UMBRELLA] ProBuilder и сломал базу, когда я зашел на свой ник, меня забанили без доказательств того, что я сломал базу ... Справка

    1. Sershant


      здаров, я поповоду твоего бана вижу все таки ты говориш правду так как я проверил статистику игроков но лучше вдругой раз кинька сюда демку потомучто мало кто будет верить твоим словам разбанен!

    2. 7Fire331


      how to be a vip or admin?


    3. Sershant
  2. hi
    you is Owner in Hl2go?
    I am a map creator, all the information is in the forum, look for me as Yenire [R]
    the map was for ugc but they didn't accept me, well a friend told me that hl2go was looking for a map maker
  3. Brother you can reply the message I leave you is urgent

  4. try download again and install.
  5. Hi
    I paid for the new private admin but I haven't gotten any results yet. Can you see?

  6. admin brother can you reply the message please




  7. @Admin brother this is an avatar for you I hope you like it 🙂 





  8. We want to announce a special event, in which you can win free VIP, admin or ammo packs (you can choose for yourself what prize you want). The main task is to post mods, maps, plugins and etc. on our website mods.ovh. 1. If you upload 100 posts, you'll get VIP for 1 month; 2. If you upload 200 posts, you'll get admin for 1 month; 3. Every +100 published posts, extends your VIP for a month; 4. Every +200 published posts, extends your admin for a month; 5. If you upload 100 posts, you'll get 50k ammo packs; 6. If you upload 200 posts, you'll get 100k ammo packs. Event time is unlimited. Even if you have a privilege, you can participate as well, we'll extend your VIP, admin or specadmin. Good luck! Here is a tutorial on how to upload: https://mods.ovh/Thread-How-to-upload-file
  9. Admin???


  10. Hello admin? Can you make me Admin now please. I was demoted to VIP by some HEADS. Admin please make me Admin.. i was demoted to VIP :(. Hope you reply.. I wait for your reply


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    2. Son!c


      Shut up DIMA no one asked for your opinion. I only asked to Admin not you


    3. DIMA LTU

      DIMA LTU

      Do i should ban you again for your disrespect ?

    4. Son!c


      How then 😮


  11. friend could you donate me admin already went know how to deal please

  12. bro plzzzz give me vip 30 days


  13. Hello admin, I'm from India. I did know that this admin was abuse.. I was reading rules but i made mistake that i miss some rules but im banned by him so can you please unban me. but i lose screen shots and demo because i did not know about appeal ban. I was asking people for help appeal ban. Hope you reply and unban me.

    Nickname  -  Son!c
    SteamID  -  STEAM_1:1:1183919067
    Steam Community ID  -  76561200328103863
    IP address  -  hidden
    Ban type  -  SteamID
    Reason  -  I told you
    Invoked on  -  01 Sep 2020 - 14:12:09
    Expires on  -  08 Sep 2020 - 14:12:09 (5 Days 3 Hours 10 Minutes remaining)
    Banned by  -  Buy me VIP plis pleess(Soft Head)
    Banned on  -  HL2GO.COM - Base Builder Server [EU] (bb_cl_maker)



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