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Abusing Rights @ BaseBuilder. - l0l1p0p - 2019-08-13

1. Player nickname: Coca Cola Friend
2. Their SteamID: You don't need his steamID if he has bought rights.
3. Link to player in stats page: Nor do you need this but w.e https://stats.hl2go.com/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=227911.
4. What did they do: Abusing rights, revives and swaps himself whenever he pleases into the builders team.
5. When did it happen? An hour at most before writing this.
6. Demo: https://youtu.be/64s2FAKh_HQ 
In the current round, 15seconds of the video he joins and revives himself. As the next round occurs he swaps himself.
7. Server it happened in: HL2GO BaseBuilder.

RE: Abusing Rights @ BaseBuilder. - PomPa man - 2019-08-13

Welp, guy continues to be oblivious to rules or common sense, will be paying him a visit.

Meanwhile, my darling, do you see a steamID listed here: https://reg.hl2go.com/cs.php
Then don't act like a smartass.

It seems I need to explain it to every single one of you as you lack the brains to comprehend it.
1. Non-Steam players' steamIDs change (because they are fake). Sometimes they might remain the same until CS is reinstalled.
2. I ask for the steamID to check if it is the same person or not (but, hey, you know everything, right?)
3. SteamID is also listed in the stats page, but, ofcourse, why would you?

Oh, you might also want to get rid of the extras you put in your CS, just saying.