Opened Zombie Plague MEGA Server!


Hi! Announce that we opened our Zombie Plague MEGA server!
New server using Zombie Plague 5.0.8a Mod. Changed almost all player models, added some extra items for ammo packs.

Server is running VIP system, which you can give:

VIPS Gets free Bazooka

Multijump (3x jump in the air)
+100 armor every new round
+2 extra ammo for kill (zombies and humans)
+2 extra ammo for infecting humans (zombies)
+300 HP for infecting human (zombies)
Connected VIP will be announced in chat messages
No fall damage
VIPs guns damage increased 1.5 times
VIP menu extra items: (/vm or /vipmenu)

VIPS skins


Server mapcycle

if you see any bugs or have other suggestions let us know it. Contact us
Good luck in the game


  1. Mixai dar siulau imest plazma gun i vip /vipmenu su juo labai fainai lost ir smagu o minigu i paprasta imesk extra items

      1. Serchant he is me i am wanna VIP plzz you can give me plz my name is MonsteR. My setinfo _pw “monsterzcs”

  2. I have static ip and I cant save ammo pack when I was shut down the system n restart the game please fix this bug @MIXFIX..?

  3. Hi all, the vip DarKnight banned me 30 minutes for killing him WITHOUT cheats or hacks (I dont use that shit)

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