1. today it happened like that bandits lavi had made 2 side entrances and 10 guys were inside suddenly .MOtaz gamer entered andkicked bandits lavi for insult i am with bandits lavi because motaz gamer is little a rude but lavi is a good guys so plz dont ban bandits lavi essa plz he is innocent i am major lazer

  2. This noooob india crystal king banned me with the reason for swapping him i swapped him for his safety but he banned me with the reason i a banned him and gave me badwords on whstapp so plz take strict action remove his admin

  3. major lazer noob ban me for no reason , and telling me that i destroy dethro,unfor,xfire,base i have destroy dont give him any vip or admin power any more in this server first abuse with me and ban me for no reason and telling u reconnect in this server

  4. Well,we have a new V.I.P member,his name is 1milioner,he banned Me for no reason,i am Tiesto and im sick of this kind of kids

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