From now we are HL2GO.COM!

Hi! Announcing that from now our name is HL2GO.COM
Also we want to ask you for some help. If you see in our pages some text with “zcs” or “”, we ask to report it to us. You can do it here: or pm or email – [email protected]
Send url address or screenshoot where you find “zcs” or “”

Old project address will work for some time, but from now better use our new name –!
Thank you for you’r help!


One comment

  1. ||| You are banned
    ||| Nick: JS *_*`
    ||| IP:
    ||| SteamID: VALVE_0:4:1968977849
    ||| By admin: veE`
    ||| Reason: Cheating.
    ||| Ban created: 15.10.2017 – 16:13:01
    ||| For length: Permanent
    ||| On: HL2GO.COM – Zombie Plague MEGA [24/7] (zm_3rooms)
    ||| Time left: Forever
    ||| Will expire: Never
    ||| For Unban Appeal:
    Kicked :”You are banned. Check You
    unban me

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