1. hello I got banned by sershant for he revives me without asking me then as revenge I change his team too as prove i left my demo here i am spec admin I would like to get immunity for this i keep getting a ban for stupid reasons please contact me soon as possible thank you!

  2. hi my name is Banana in cs 1.6 i got banned by heaven for stupid reasons,he ban me for 3 days because i say BANANA in the chat he also swear in admin chat i try to make him scared but it didn’t work i didn’t mean to scare him but i want to know what did i do,this is my second time get banned from the server,please contact me as soon as possible thank you! hl2go_only dust 2 public

  3. nice lies i gagged you for spamming banana u decided to rec i banned you 12hr then u came with nick hl2go community try to insult me and scared me then you get 3 days ban if the demo needed i dont mind showing it and dont try stupid thing like that cuz i wont scared owner already knows this

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