NEW Dust 2 VIP and question for you

Today was updated Only dust 2 server VIP privileges.

In Only Dust 2 server you will get:

  • Free grenade kit [HE, SG, 2 FB]
  • Free armor [100].
  • Free helmet.
  • Free defuse kit.
  • During first round vips can choose pistols from menu (USP, Glock, Deagle)
  • Bullet damage in real time
  • Warning other players when vip is connecting.
  • +10 HP For kill [max 100hp]
  • +20 HP For HS kill [max 100hp]
  • AWP Guns only for VIPS
  • No fall damage
  • VIPMENU (from 2 round)

VIP order available here:

And the question for you is: which next server needs to be opened? Example: (gungame, gungame teamplay, inferno only and etc….)
Write your answers in comments below!


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