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    Hi, if u wanna to see other forums categories, just suggest it here. we will create them
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    Hi! From now you can order VIP services by SMS message! Check it here: https://reg.hl2go.com/cs_vip_fortumo.php (Countries list will be extended) And other new is that again opened Jailbreak and Deathrun servers Check IP's here: https://hl2go.com/servers/
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    Player nickname: freeman2. Their SteamID: STEAM_0:VALVE_6:0:877689183. Link to player in stats page: https://stats.hl2go.com/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=344274. What did they do: He used cheat speed, aim bot, wallhack.5. When did it happen? About 10/15 minutes ago. 6. Demo: Spectate start around 22:56 : https://www106.zippyshare.com/v/rSg3OBT0/file.html7. Server it happened in: HL2GO.COM - HLDM
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    I don't expect My Guy to do anything without any reason for him to do so. he is a good man. and Rogeliodnm don't insult Head admins because they have access to ban you and nobody care about leave the server.
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    Will you stop making shit up before I ban you perm from server? Right now you are only kicked, not even banned from discord for continuously calling me rat boy / rat child. Test my patience kid - play stupid games win stupid prizes! 1 - Why would I ever insult a server that I LOVE to play in? 2 - I got upset because osama laughed when you killed me (took you long enough btw) 3 - We didn't argue, there was nothing to argue about. You were upset that I changed map (to [proper map) and that ignited the entire conflict. Stop crying about buying survivor, not my fault you bought survivor after I accidentally changed to wrong map. Map Vote was aztec_infinity, server bugged and the server changed map to deko_2, I accidentally changed to aztec_temple while trying to fix the server's mistake - I quickly realize my mistake and before countdown is finished I change map to prop aztec_infinity. The funny part is that if you had gone about this differently and asked me why I changed the map - I'd have probably saw to it that you got your 500 AP back from buying survivor, because it is indeed unfortunate that this happened to you. Instead you ask no questions and threaten me with a report and got gagged. Today you get a lesson in social skills. At this point I would be happy to see you leave the server. So many people in this server know that I am a really nice guy, who cares a lot about other people. But why would I treat you well when you treat me like I don't know how to Admin?
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    Remember, you are in everyone's view now if you do more shit you will be banned again permanently. Dont forget to kiss Lost Unbanned.
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    :D:D:D funny u killed him gg and ty for report player banned!
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    This is what's really happening here: I'm trying to be polite, but you're exaggerating the situation and showing off as the SMART guy who thinks he knows how everything is, but no. Let me explain you something, since you started. I can put any nickname I want, I can say anything I want (since it obeys the rules) and listen here, dummy, you can't prove that I'm a scammer. I'm just a good guy contributing more than a moderator with actually playing the game, helping out players and posting enough on the forum, instead of banning innocent users. It's not about the ban, it's just not cool, because I won't be the only one banned from you. And also, I really hope you don't act that tough in the real life, because it would get you into serious trouble. Peace out.
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    Lost said you are unbanned
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    ban appeal declined. buy unban here https://reg.hl2go.com/cs_unban.php
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    Bueno. ¡Vengo a presentar mi queja contra el administrador NOTORIOSO por darme una Ban por un supuesto engaño de manera INJUSTA! Sin haberme esperado antes. En el servidor HL2GO Dust2Only [CA]. La mayoría de los servidores me conocen como un juego y saben que no uso nada. Pregunte por un Desban. Muchas gracias de antemano y espero sus respuestas pronto. ¡Saludos! por: Bemf ||| Estás prohibido ||| Nick: Bemf ||| IP: ||| SteamID: STEAM_2: 0: 489357311 ||| Por administrador: NOTORIOSO ||| Razón: Hacer trampa. ||| Prohibición creada: 09.01.2021 - 02:02:48 ||| Duración: 12 horas ||| Activado: HL2GO.COM - Solo Dust2 Public [CA] (de_dust2) ||| Tiempo restante: 12 horas ||| Caduca: 09.01.2021 - 14:02:48 ||| Para la apelación no prohibida: hl2go.com Expulsión : "Estás prohibido. Revisa tu consola". Aquí está mi demo. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ruapcos8udvu46w/hl2go_dust2only.dem/file https://www43.zippyshare.com/v/Y83NvSfU/file.html
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    buy from here https://reg.hl2go.com/cs_admin_paypal.php
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    bye bye enjoy ur time.
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    school_backyard and dust_iplay have massive, oversized blocks. When picking what maps to stay and what maps to be sent to the chopping block I looked at if it would have enough material for 16-24 players (8-12 humans, due to unbalanced teams sometimes), the size of the blocks (you would end up being a zombie enterring in a seemingly endless base that would not be replicable without the block size being so big) and if the material wasn't hidden away, as in, easily accessible and enough of most varieties of blocks. I've purposefully left the majority of the classic basebuilder maps (such as ultrabuild, basement, corners, crete), even though for them it barely makes it as enough material, but, they are the classic basebuilder maps. As for other maps, I've listed the requirements to be met for maps to be added (note: there were maps added further down the line without my approval but when players complain they never think to mention the maps in question). So, just keep in mind, no oversized blocks, don't think "oh how long i can make the base this way", think from the zombies' perspective too.
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    Points are saved on SteamID. Pirated (non-steam CS) generate fake SteamIDs. The SteamID itself is your Steam account unique number. What does this mean? Your 2 SteamIDs (the fake one in non-steam and the real one on your Steam account) are completely different and not tied to each other (they can't be tied to each other either) hence the "loss" of points you experienced.
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    Oy you are here. That was kinda mean but you admitted a mistake and apologized and that is manly af, it is good mate, thank you for reacting and saying sorry Admin can lock this appeal.
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    @essa Hello, can you give me a vip? Please, I love the couter and I thought you could give me a vip
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    Necesito Su Ayuda por favor Estoy aquí para elevar mi queja por la prohibición permanente de forma injusta ya que en previa ronda me acusaban de usar algún tipo de hack, cuando la mayoría del servidor me encuentra PeRziVa, Nickk, 9Days y saben que siempre estoy en llamada con mi compañero. Sin más, espero su respuesta lo antes posible atte: GoRdIsS (GoRdO cAdEnA) https://www.facebook.com/messenger_media/?thread_id=100010253130609&attachment_id=2859558090820537&message_id=mid.%24cAAAAAqMvLmR5yLiwXFzl3MYUoYFY file:///C:/Users/flors/Downloads/video-1595973788.mp4
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    ok looks like u have no more.. good bye...
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    nextime upload demo of this player, ye and join discord as jack said.
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    Make an appropriate ban appeal. Post demo and screen shots. Let's see what really happened
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    thanks for the report.. may abuses already ===> privileges removed.
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    ok you are unbanned go play
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    do whatever u want.. if u see someone cares here.. i let u spit in my face..
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    if you dont do nothing i will report mine group of anonymous. thank you for suport. .
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    عطي وحدة من هي بس هل مرة من عندي
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    make sure u write that to him.. and tell him essa says that to u..
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    Well send demo here, and that fb im gonna check
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    Hey john long time , welcome back
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    Hi all, any old members for here?
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    Hola, me pasó lo mismo hoy entre y no tenía mi munición de 112k y mi rango de 15k. ¿me puedes ayudar? my name in the game is: The Ghosts |~The Legend~
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    u have many ban here , u can buy vip with 2 usd , but u cant buy unban with 3 usd
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    te pido perdon por molestarte tanto, si quieres baneame una semana mas, pero permanente no por favor, t lo pido, ten compacion
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